We Try A Different SIG Virtus PCP Stock

In a previous post, we fitted a bipod to the Virtus. Now we move to the back and try a different SIG Virtus PCP stock.

As the Virtus uses a 13 cubic Inch PCP air bottle, it can be fitted with some alternative stocks found for paintball markers. We tried this and here you can see the results…

The factory SIG Virtus PCP stock is a simple buttplate that clamps to the HPA bottle using a bolt.

This buttplate has a fixed length and a vertical sling slot.

SIG Virtus PCP stock

As an alternative, we used a First Strike 13 ci Floating Air Stock. This provides a multi-length capability and a horizontal sling slot.

SIG Virtus PCP stock

The First Strike stock slides over the HPA bottle. It’s supplied with a “stock bar” that’s affixed to the end of the HPA tank. This allows the stock to be adjusted to different lengths, in the event that you prefer a longer pull length. That’s the stock bar on the right in the photograph below.

Unlike the bipod, fitting the stock requires no disassemly of the airgun. When attached, this alternative SIG Virtus PCP stock looks good and provides additional functionality to your air rifle.

SIG Virtus PCP stock

As you can see, the new stock still allows for access to the male quick disconnect for filling with HPA. The pressure gauge is also completely visible.

It also provides a warmer and more comfortable cheek piece when shooting, instead of making a cheek weld against the metal HPA bottle. The slightly larger outside diameter was also beneficial in obtaining a good cheek weld when shooting with a scope.

We found it best to fit the stock bar to the Virtus with the HPA bottle fully installed in place. Then you can ensure that the bar is correctly aligned so that the stock will be in its correct vertical orientation. The stock itself can then be attached and removed when it’s desired to remove the bottle, as recommended by the First Strike instructions.

That’s it! Although we haven’t tried this, it’s very likely that this First Strike stock will also fit the Air Venturi PCP Tank With Adapter Kit that converts the SIG Air MCS and MPS to HPA power also…

Due to the realistic appearance of this product, handle it as you would a firearm. Do not display it in public or in any place where it could be mistaken for a cartridge firearm.

Air Venturi Tank with Adapter, 13 cu in, Aluminum, 3,000 psi
Sig Sauer ASP MCX Virtus PCP Air Rifle 0.22