Weihrauch Breakbarrel Air Rifles – The Range And Updates

During a recent visit to Airguns of Arizona, it was interesting to see the range of Weihrauch breakbarrel air rifles they have in stock there. It was even more interesting to see the rate at which these (mainly) spring/piston guns are selling.

Weihrauchs were being tested and packed pretty-well continuously the whole time I was there in my three-day visit. That’s a definite testimony to the reputation for quality, reliability and accuracy that Weihrauch airguns have built-up in the market over the years.

AoA tries hard to hold Weihrauch breakbarrel air rifles in stock, but it’s tough. Even though the factory is shipping guns as fast as they can make them, customer demand is overwhelming…

As you can see from this photograph in the AoA warehouse, they do have a lot of Weihrauchs. But you can also see some gaps where particular models are sold out and awaiting new deliveries from Germany.

Weihrauch Breakbarrel Air Rifles - The Range And Updates

Weihrauch-Sport is an interesting airgun manufacturer. They have a wide range of products, with more breakbarrel models than many people think – as we’ll see in this story.

They also are one of the few manufacturers to currently manufacture a variety of their models in .20 caliber. So – if you’re interested in trying out this “best of both worlds ” caliber – Weihrauch gives you about the biggest choice available.

Weihrauch Breakbarrel Air Rifles - The Range And Updates

The launch of a completely new Weihrauch airgun is a big event as it’s not exactly an everyday event. But that should not disguise the fact that the company is continually making incremental improvements to airguns which many customers already consider to be close to perfect.

We’ll cover some of these latest improvements in this story, too.

New Packaging

One small – but significant – improvement is that Weihrauch breakbarrel air rifles now are shipping from the factory in full color printed “triangular” boxes. These hold the contents securely and are a much more interesting presentation than the previous standard brown boxes (some of which you can see in the photograph above).

Let’s look at the individual models…

The HW30 Range

Weihrauch Breakbarrel Air Rifles

This is the “starter” among the Weihrauch breakbarrel air rifles. But that should not be taken to mean lower quality. Just a smaller, lighter airgun.

With a length of just under 39 Inches and a weight of 5.5 Lbs, the HW30 delivers up to 620 PFS in .177 caliber. This makes it ideal for backyard competitions and target practice for the whole family.

New additions to the HW30 range include the appearance of “Stainless Look” models. This is combined with new checkering and a new “cut out” rear buttstock.

Weihrauch Breakbarrel Air Rifles - The Range And Updates

The current range of HW30 models includes the following…

ModelAvailable CalibersNotes
HW30S.177 .20 .22Beech stock
HW30S Synthetic.177 .20 .22Black synthetic stock
HW30S Deluxe.177 .20 .22Beech stock with checkering
HW30S Deluxe Stainless Look.177 .22Bright metalwork
HW30S Urban Pro.177 .22Combo with scope and silencer

Note that AoA will mount and sight-in the scope at no additional charge if you buy the Urban Pro.

The HW35 Range
Weihrauch Breakbarrel Air Rifles - The Range And Updates

The HW35E is a long-running model that features a walnut stock with checkered pistol grip. It’s available in “Stainless Look” also. This is a much more powerful gun than the HW30, with up to 850 FPS available in .177 caliber. It’s 43.5 Inches long and weighs 7.8 Lbs.

ModelAvailable CalibersNotes
HW35E.177 .22Walnut stock
HW35E Stainless Look.177 .22Bright metalwork

The HW50 Range

Weihrauch Breakbarrel Air Rifles - The Range And Updates

The HW50 also now has a “Stainless Look” model available. This finish looks very sharp, as can be seen from the photograph below.

Weihrauch Breakbarrel Air Rifles - The Range And Updates

At around 40.5 Inches and 6.8 Lbs, the HW50 is shorter and lighter than the HW35. (The Hunter version is longer due to the silencer).

HAM tested the HW50 in .22 caliber back in 2016. We were highly impressed and the gun earned a HAM Gold Award for its performance on test.

ModelAvailable CalibersNotes
HW50S.177 .20 .22Beech stock
HW50S Deluxe Stainless Look.177 .20 .22Bright metalwork
HW30S Hunter.177 .22Combo with scope, silencer and sling swivels

The HW80 Range

With a length of 45.3 Inches and a weight of 8.8 Lbs, this is one of the largest and most powerful Weihrauch breakbarrel air rifles. Muzzle velocity is up to 1,000 FPS in .177 caliber and the HW80 also includes .25 caliber models.

ModelAvailable CalibersNotes
HW80.177 .20 .22 .25Beech stock
HW80 Long Range Hunter.177 .22Combo with scope, silencer and sling swivels

The HW90

If you’re looking for a gas ram powerplant among Weihrauch breakbarrel air rifles, this is the one for you! It’s a powerful airgun, delivering up to 1125 FPS in .177 caliber, weighing 8.8 Lbs and with a length of 45.3 Inches. The latest models feature a new style of stock checkering.

Uniquely – so far as I know – the HW90 owner can buy a special pump and gauge that allows the pressure in the gas ram to be changed and monitored. This provides an unique way to tune this Weihrauch air rifle and AoA can help with advice on how to do it.

ModelAvailable CalibersNotes
HW90.177 .20 .22 .25New stock checkering

The HW95 Range

The HW95 is also available in a Luxus version, demoting enhanced checkering and a raised cheekpiece on the stock. The Field Pro model is based on the Luxus and includes a muzzle weight and 3-9x40AO scope with rings.

Muzzle velocity in .177 caliber is up to 950 FPS and the “bare” gun is just over 43 Inches long with a weight of 7.5 Lbs.

Again, AoA will install the scope before shipping your Field Pro model, if you wish.

ModelAvailable CalibersNotes
HW95.177 .22Beech stock
HW95 Luxus.177 .20 .22 .25Additional checkering
HW95L Field Pro.177 .22Combo with scope, and muzzle weight

The HW98

The HW98 is equipped with a stock with adjustable cheek piece and buttpad. The stock also has areas of stippling attractively highlighted in black. With a muzzle velocity up to 950 FPS in .177 caliber, this model weighs-in at 8.6 Lbs and is 43.5 Inches long. Note that the scope shown in the photograph above is an additional charge item.

For 2021, the HW98 is available with a 1/2-Inch UNF threaded muzzle. This allows the muzzle weight to be replaced with an airgun silencer if required by the owner.

Weihrauch Breakbarrel Air Rifles - The Range And Updates

ModelAvailable CalibersNotes
HW98.177 .20 .22 .25Adjustable stock. New threaded barrel

You can find out much interesting background to Weihrauch airguns in my 2018 interview with Herr Hans Weihrauch, the company owner.

Weihrauch HW98