Yes It’s True! There’s A New Flintlock BB Pistol

This must be one of the more unusual replica air pistols yet! This new flintlock BB pistol from Swiss Arms is an over the top replica of an archetypal eighteenth century “Pirate’s” flintlock pistol.

Apparently the hammer and frizzen operate just like the blackpowder original. However, there’s no actual flint included – or required. So this is a “flintlock like” action, for sure.

This flintlock BB pistol is powered by a 12 Gram CO2 cartridge. Unlike the single-shot original, there’s a 30-round BB magazine tube built-into the gun.

New Flintlock BB Pistol

Muzzle Velocity is specified as being up to 415 FPS. That’s very adequate for engaging feral soda cans at close ranges: all the more so as there’s actually no sights on the gun!

So, like many black powder pistols, it’s designed to be aimed by intuition! That – in itself – opens-up a whole new type of shooting for BB guns…

The metal cannon-style barrel, lockwork and butt cap are all covered with huge amounts of decorative molding. For even more bling, there’s a “gold” version available also at a slightly higher price.

New Flintlock BB Pistol

At 16.5 Inches long and weighing 2.7 Lbs, this flintlock BB pistol is going to be quite a handful to shoot – again just like a blackpowder gun. However there’s no need for muzzle loading, ramming the ball into place and priming the frizzen before each shot.

It’s quite likely that accuracy of this BB version will be better than that of the smoothbore black powder model, too!

Pyramyd Air says that this one-of-a-kind BB gun will be available around the end of October 2021. It just could be the ideal novelty gift for the Christmas season for the airgunner who already has everything!

18th Century Pirate Flintlock CO2 BB Pistol 0.177