Yes There’s More! New Cricket PCP Stocks

Hot on the heels of news about the new Springbok semi auto, there’s news of some new Cricket PCP stocks. These are for the Cricket II and Cricket 2 Tactical models.

It’s clear that KalibrGun takes a completely different view of stocks to any other airgun manufacturer.

Most air rifles are available with a single stock design. Yes, there may be wood and synthetic versions. There may be a variety of attractive laminate colorways available too. But the majority of airguns in the market today have basically one stock design.

Yet the Czech manufacturer has always offered a variety of quite different stock designs with their air rifles. True, most are bullpups. However historically Cricket airguns have been offered in a range of quite distinct stock designs, including some that transform the basic Cricket action into a carbine format.

KalibrGun also – to HAM’s knowledge – pioneered stock designs that included storage space for multiple spare magazines. This is a great idea for practical field use!

So today, we’re looking at four new Cricket PCP stocks…

First off is the CBRT stock for the Cricket 2 Tactical.


This combines a stylish wood stock with a height-adjustable cheekpiece. As is clear, this provides a “semi bullpup”configuration for the Cricket 2 Tactical. KalibrGun tells us the cheekpiece is synthetic, but it sure looks like wood in these photographs!

(Personal comment: I think this really looks great. From an appearance perspective, this is my favorite Cricket 2 Tactical configuration).


There’s also a “WST” stock version for the Cricket 2 Tactical. This brings classic Cricket design cues like the slanting slots to a “full on” bullpup wood stock format. It also includes the capability to carry two additional magazines.


There’s also two new stocks for the Cricket II model. One is a laminated wood stock including storage for four magazines. It’s described as SMOOTH laminated by KalibrGun…


In addition there’s a new, stylish black Carbon Fiber stock, too.


KalibrGun Cricket 2 Tactical 60