You Could Win Big In The Pyramyd Air Backyard Brawl!

Pyramyd has launched a new contest, the Pyramyd Air Backyard Brawl. There’s nearly $10,000 in cash prizes to be won, together with a Grand Prize of $3,000 value in products.

Also, there’s a special incentive for Hard Air Magazine readers!

If you mention that you heard about the contest through Hard Air Magazine, you’ll be entered into a random drawing to win an additional $500 cash prize. Just select HAM from the dropdown on the entry page.

The Pyramyd Air Backyard Brawl is a fun competition that involves you, an airgun and a pack of Air Venturi Airgun Slynger Metal Silhouette Targets. Oh, and you have to video it. Your cellphone will do just fine. It’s easy!

Step One:

Order a set of FREE – free is good, right? – Air Venturi Slynger silhouette targets. They’re normally $9.99 but free if you use the promo code BRAWL19, you just pay for shipping. (And why not order some extra pellets of even a nice new airgun at the same time?).

Step Two:

When you get the targets, make a video of yourself shooting them down. Well, actually it can be a video of you, a loved one, or a friend or some buddies.

There’s no restrictions on airgun, ammo or range. But if you want to re-use the targets, a Muzzle Energy of less than about 45 Ft/Lbs is probably a good idea.

If you’re shooting BBs at these targets, be sure to wear vision protection as impacts may bounce back from the steel targets. But you always wear your shooting glasses, don’t you?

Step Three:

Upload your uber-cool video masterpiece to YouTube or Vimeo, including Pyramyd Air Backyard Brawl in the title. Link it back to the web page. Then complete the necessary details at the same Pyramyd page. (Otherwise Pyramyd Air will not know you intend to enter). Be sure to do this before August 31, 2019.

Step Four:

Actually, there is no Step Four! All you have to do is wait and see if your name is announced as a winner. Pyramyd Air plans to do this in or around the week of September 2, 2019.

In the meantime, you can always keep on having fun with your airgun and the silhouette targets. Maybe you’ll be creative and make another Backyard Brawl video!

There will be first, second and third place winners for Pyramyd Air Backyard Brawl videos in the following categories:

– Most creative
– Funniest
– Kids 12 and under
– Longest shot (length must be verified with range finder or other measuring device – measuring tape, etc.)
– On a budget (under $100 total retail value of airgun/optics combined)
– Open Sights
– Team Challenge
– General

All valid entries receive $5 in Pyramyd Air Bullseye Bucks!

For full details of the submission rules, go to

Of course there are some rules associated with this contest! Check them out at

Here’s a reminder of the entry page,

Note, this competition is available to legal US residents only. Sorry to our many international readers 🙁