1,170 Pumps! Testing Dragonfly Mark 2 Power Output

After 1,170 pumps, we now know what the Seneca Dragonfly Mark 2 power output curve looks like!

Why 1,170 pumps? Well, we tested this multi-pump air rifle at every power level from 3 to 15 pumps per shot. And – as with our recent test of the Crosman 362 multi-pump, we tested the Dragonfly with two types of pellets.

Furthermore, we took 5 shots with every combination of pellet type and number of pumps. Then we could calculate an average FPS for each number of pumps, thus minimizing pellet-to-pellet variability. When you do the math, that makes a total of 1,170 pumps. Phew!!!

Dragonfly Mark 2 Power Output

As with the 362 test, we used the same two types of popular pellets. These were 14.3 Grain Crosman Premier Hollow Points and 19.0 Grain Crosman Premier Domed Ultra Magnums. With both the 362 and the Firefly being in .22 caliber, that will make it possible for HAM to make a direct comparison between them in future.

Note that, to ensure comparable results, we also tested with 5 shots at – for example – six pumps for both pellet types, then seven pumps for each pellet etc. By testing in that way, any effect of “breaking in” with use was minimized. Had we made all the 14.3 Grain tests first, followed by all the 19.0 Grain tests afterwards, there could have been a possible difference due to the gun breaking in.

All this testing was undertaken with a Leapers UTG Bugbuster scope mounted on the gun. So here’s some news. 1,170 pumps says that it’s definitely possible to pump the Dragonfly satisfactorily with a compact Bugbuster scope and sunshade mounted on it!

Dragonfly Mark 2 Power Output

This test also validated the major manufacturer’s claim for the Mark 2. The pumping effort really is pretty consistent, irrespective of the number of pumps. That – in itself – is a major advance over any multi-pump airgun that the HAM Team has ever used.

But, for now, on with Dragonfly Mark 2 power output curve…


Seneca Dragonfly Mark 2 Muzzle Velocity

First, let’s look at how the Muzzle velocity of the Dragonfly varies with the number of pumps. Using 14.3 Grain Premier Hollow Points, we saw a maximum of 696 FPS using the maximum 15 pumps.

Dragonfly Mark 2 Power Output

The dotted line on the graph is a computer-generated “trend line” that shows how closely the actual results match against the software’s calculations. As you can see, it’s very close. That’s a good sanity check on the quality of the test data.

As expected, the increase in FPS with additional pumps diminishes, the more pumps you make. That’s the same with all multi-pump airguns. No surprise there!

However, as 686 FPS was achieved using 12 pumps, it’s clear that an additional three – to the maximum of 15 pumps – only added a further 10 FPS. Is that worthwhile? My aching arms said no…

Turning now to the heavier pellets. Here’s the results for the 19.0 Grain heavies.

Dragonfly Mark 2 Power Output

This time, the maximum was 622 FPS after 15 pumps. As the gun produced 621 FPS after 12 pumps, it’s pretty clear that the Dragonfly was maxed out at that point.


Seneca Dragonfly Mark 2 Muzzle Energy

Having discovered the range of muzzle velocities, now it’s possible to calculate the Seneca Dragonfly Mark 2 power output and see how it varies with number of pumps.

Dragonfly Mark 2 Power Output

The gun tested by HAM – serial number 1721229955214566J (can you believe that?) – produced a maximum of 15.4 Ft/Lbs with the Premier HPs. But with 15.0Ft/Lbs being achieved after 12 pumps, that’s the sweet spot for us.

Moving on to the heavier pellets, we see an increase in Muzzle Energy, as expected. This time it peaked at 16.3 Ft/Lbs after 15 pumps. Twelve pumps gave 16.2 Ft/Lbs.

Dragonfly Mark 2 Power Output

Seneca Dragonfly Mark 2 Muzzle Energy Comparison

Now we’ll take the muzzle energies achieved with both types of pellets and compare them on one graph.

Dragonfly Mark 2 Power Output

This makes it obvious that the heavier pellets give a significant increase in power output for the same number of pumps. It also shows that – should you be happy with, for example, 14 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy – that can be achieved by 8 pumps if shooting 19 Grain pellets. A total of 11 pumps will be necessary to match that power level using the 14.3 Grain pellet.

That’s a big argument in favor of using heavier pellets with the Dragonfly, right there.

Seneca Dragonfly Mk2 Multi-Pump Air Rifle 0.177

UTG BugBuster 3-12X32 Scope, 1/3 MOA AO, Mil-dot Reticle, Med. Dovetail Rings