75 Yard Plinking With The Benjamin Fortitude

In this video, Rick Rehm – YouTube’s Shooter 1721 – is 75 Yard plinking with the Benjamin Fortitude.

You’ll see Rick hitting shotgun shells, paintballs and even an aspirin at this range. He even hits a playing card side-on. Not bad at all for 75 Yard plinking!

This is an honest video. You’ll see that even Rick – who is clearly an outstanding shot – doesn’t hit every single time. But he does hit the target most of the time in this 75 Yard plinking session.

What’s most interesting is that Rick is achieving great accuracy without any expensive, high-tech equipment.

He’s 75 Yard plinking with a $300 PCP air rifle from a simple bag rest. And the Fortitude is fitted with just the sort of scope most of us buy – a Leapers UTG scope with wire reticle and a $120 MSRP. What’s more, he’s shooting in the evening light, not perfect conditions.

Rick uses JSB Exact Jumbo, 15.89 Grain pellets in this video – the Fortitude is a .22 cal air rifle, of course.

So this is 75 Yard plinking with a very average rig that most of us can own. It proves the inherent accuracy of the Fortitude, the Leapers scope and JSB pellets.

So why can’t we all shoot as well as Rick? Well, he’s obviously a terrific shot but he probably also practices hard – that’s the key.

HAM reviewed the Benjamin Fortitude recently. We liked it a lot and gave it a coveted HAM Gold Award, as you can read here.

The Leapers UTG scope Rick uses is a fixed, 10 power scope. Being a non-zoom model, this is a little unusual, but you can find out all about it directly from Leapers. It clearly works well with the Fortitude for 75 Yard plinking.

Benjamin Fortitude PCP Air Rifle, Regulated
Benjamin Fortitude Air Rifle