Air Venturi Nomad II HPA Compressor Video User Guide

Steve Scialli from YouTube’s AEAC Channel, now has a new video user guide for the Air Venturi Nomad II HPA compressor.

We published HAM Tester Doug Wall’s review of this new HPA compressor in December. In fact, Doug liked it so much that he purchased the machine himself at the end of the review period. It continues to work well for him and he’s very happy with it.

It’s always the best recommendation when a reviewer spends his or her own hard-earned money on the product!

In this video, Steve runs through the set-up, maintenance and use of the Nomad II. Check out how he uses a grapefruit as part of the moisture bleed process. That’s one thing HAM didn’t think of!

He also gives examples of a number of air rifles being filled from the unit, together with the fill times.

And – as with the sample tested by HAM – we can see that the Nomad II in Steve’s video has a cracked plastic plate that serves a window for the underbody illumination. It’s not a big deal, but it probably means they’re all like that…

There’s no doubt that small, compact and (relatively) low cost HPA compressors like this one are the wave of the future for HPA supply. With increasing ease-of-use and lower prices, they make PCP air rifles ever more attractive to more airgunners. That has to be a very good thing!

Air Venturi Nomad II 4500 PSI Portable PCP Compressor
Air Venturi Nomad II Compressor