Airgun Depot’s Travis Talks Slugs

Airgun slugs are a HUGE topic right now. So it’s interesting to see the latest Under Pressure video from Airgun Depot. In it, Travis talks slugs 🙂

Travis shoots and discusses the new H&N slugs in this video. These are available in two diameters – 0.217 and 0.218 inches. Both fit .22 caliber airgun barrels.

Travis Talks Slugs

The slugs are also multiple different weights between 21 and 30 Grains. Travis and shoots some in both diameters and multiple weights.

Of course, HAM has been covering airgun slugs for some time. They were included in our IWA Show report back in March 2019. It’s also interesting to read our interview with the General Manager of H&N back in the Summer. He was already talking about slugs and had some very interesting things to say about them.

HAM has also tested the new FX Hybrid Slugs, shooting them in comparison to pellets. And Bob Sterne has been discussing their design and performance, too.

In addition to all this material, it’s good also to hear the Airgun Depot opinion as Travis talks slugs. Enjoy 🙂

Airgun Slugs