New SIG ASP20 Video Review From AEAC

Today we see the new SIG ASP20 video review from AEAC.

Hard Air Magazine reviewed the ASP20 a few months ago. We loved it and it earned a HAM Gold Award on test.

Now, Steve Scialli reviews the same model. Like the HAM review, his SIG ASP20 video review is of a .177 caliber air rifle. (The ASP20 is available in .22 caliber as well, of course). Both review guns also have the wood stock, although HAM’s gun has a SIG Whiskey3 ASP 4 – 12 x 44AO scope, while AEAC’s uses a Nikon riflescope.

Steve shoots his ASP22 out to 50 Yards and has good success with 10.34 Grain JSB Exact Heavies at that range.

Probably the major difference between the reviews is that the HAM review took place in the cold of an upstate New York winter. The AEAC review was done in nice, warm Florida. (And if you think that Florida weather makes us jealous, you’d be dead right!).

For his video review, Steve also adjust the ASP20’s trigger. As always, HAM tests are undertaken with the trigger at factory settings. Steve says that making the adjustment helped him a lot with accuracy. The ASP20 is designed with such adjustments in mind.

Uniquely (we believe), the SIG’s trigger adjustment system will not allow the gun to be set to a potentially unsafe condition. This makes owner trigger adjustment a very viable option for the ASP20, even for first-timers, with a degree of security that’s not found with many other guns – either airguns or powder-burning.

There’s also a lot more on the design and background to this air rifle in HAM. And here’s the video…