Airgun Technology Uragan Video Review

The Airgun Technology Uragan is the subject of the latest video review by Jared Clark from Airguns of Arizona. In fact, there are two versions of the Uragan – short and even shorter! This video covers the longer of the two.

The main differences between the models are the shorter barrel, shroud and tank on the Uragan “Compact”. The Uragan in this review has a 530 cc tank, 22.5 Inch barrel and an overall length of 32.9 Inches.

There’s also an Uragan “King” model that’s similar but doubles-up on air capacity with two HPA tanks mounted side-by-side.

However all Airgun Technology Uragan models feature a regulated action with a left-mounted sidelever cocking system as standard above the two-stage trigger. A shrouded barrel is fitted and Urugans fill using the fill probe system.

Airgun Technology Uragan Video Review

Jared reviews the Uragan in .22 caliber. He clearly is impressed with the gun and the performance displayed in the video confirms the power, accuracy and consistency of this bullpup PCP air rifle.

For this video, Jared mounts a Meopta Optika6 2.5 – 15 x 44 scope on the gun. The resulting accuracy is impressive, as you’ll see in the video!

Airgun Technology Uragan Video Review

What’s even more impressive is the outstanding count of 190 consistent shots from one 300 bar (4,350 PSI) fill of the gun’s 530cc HPA tank. The shot-to-shot consistency is even more outstanding, as Jared describes in the video.

Airgun Technology Uragan Video Review

The Uragan is available in .177 caliber, .22 cal, .25 and .30 caliber. The magazines hold 15 pellets in .177, 12 pellets in .22, 10 in .25 and 9 in .30.

You can see the full video here…

Airgun Technology Uragan Bullpup PCP Air Rifle
Meopta Optika6 2.5-15 x 44 Riflescope