ASG TAC4.5 BB Rifle

Newly arrived at the HAM offices is a sample of a new – and somewhat unusual air rifle.

The ASG TAC4.5 is BB-firing air rifle. Well, actually it’s a BB-firing long gun. Strictly-speaking the TAC4-5 is not a rifle as it has a smooth bore (ie non rifled) barrel Just BBs, that makes it unusual. Most other BB-firing air rifles also shoot pellets.

BB only rifles (long guns?) could be a category that’s growing, however. There’s likely to be a new bolt action BB only long gun from Gletcher later in 2015. Both ASG and Gletcher have their roots in BB air pistols, so perhaps that’s not too surprising.

As you can see from the photograph above, the ASG TAC4.5 BB rifle is a tactical looking “black gun”. It’s not a direct copy of any firearm – so far as I know – but is of a unique design.

Power is supplied by a single 12 Gram CO2 cartridge and there’s a stick magazine that holds a maximum of 21 BBs. The action is semi-auto and the gun fires every time the trigger is pulled. Muzzle velocity is claimed by the manufacturer to be 417 fps.

First impressions of the TAC4.5 are that it’s light – really, really light. It also feels long and thin, with a seemingly endless Weaver/picatinny-style rail along the top of the gun to attach optical sights. The front and rear open sights are easily removable, should that be required (we did that already!).

Also included is a bipod. This is very convenient to operate and looks like it will provide a good, stable support for shooting.

Another interesting feature is the option of a laser that fits directly into the front of the stock. Our sample had a dummy laser to fill the hole, but it’s clear that it would be very easy to fit the laser – it slides right in.

Finish of the ASG TAC4-5 BB rifle looks good. It was supplied for testing with two types of ASG’s own Ultraair-branded12 Gram CO2 cartridges. One type includes some silicone oil added to the CO2.

This CO2 lubrication cartridge is designed to be used every 10th time the TAC4.5 is loaded with CO2. The oil is blown through the action of the gun when it is fired and helps to lubricate the internal seals and O rings. That’s a convenient and painless method of providing the basic maintenance that helps all CO2-powered airguns keep shooting by preventing potential leaks.

HAM will be testing the TAC4.5 in the near future and will bring you our full report. It looks interesting!

ASG TAC 4.5 CO2 BB Rifle