Gamo Whisper and Whisper G2 Air Rifle Comparison Review


Whisper G2: Paul Manktelow
Whisper original: Paul Manktelow


Whisper G2: .177 caliber
Whisper original: .177 caliber

Model Number

Whisper G2: 6110094154
Whisper original: Whisper W/39x40WR

Test Date

Whisper G2: October 2, 2014
Whisper original: July 8, 2014

Serial Numbers

Whisper G2: 04-1C-47550-14
Whisper original: 04-1C-292982-11

Source of Supply

Whisper G2: Submitted by Gamo USA.
Whisper original: Purchased anonymously at retail.


Whisper G2: New.
Whisper original: Mechanically as new. Stock has been camo dipped.


Gamo Whisper G2 HAM test review

Gamo Whisper air rifle test review


The original Gamo Whisper has been a fantastically-successful air rifle that has sold in huge numbers with many happy users. It’s now being replaced by the new Whisper G2 and you may still be able to pick one up at a closeout prices of about $50 less than the G2 version.

The G2 shows how Gamo have developed the Whisper platform with a significantly better trigger and a more ergonomically-friendly buttstock. Both these bring significant practical benefits for most shooters and are likely to improve your shooting performance.

Both original and G2 Whisper air rifles are better than the scopes they are bundled with. Add a better, aftermarket scope for optimum performance.

HAM OVERALL TEST SCORES: Gamo Whisper G2 72%, Gamo Whisper original 69%.


Whisper G2Whisper Original
Accurate. Not pellet picky. Like the original.Manual safety - the G2 has this also.
Nice crisp trigger.Easy cocking.
Easy to Cock.Light weight - the G2 is light also.


Whisper G2Whisper Original
Poor bundled scope.Poor bundled scope.
Poor bundled scope. (Oops, did we mention that already?)Cocking shoe grates on spring.
Not as quiet as you’d think. Likewise for the original.Plastic overmolding on barrel - the G2 has this also.
See the original HAM test reviews here: Gamo Whisper G2, Gamo Whisper original model.


Gamo Whisper G2 .177 Caliber Air Rifle
Gamo Whisper G2 Air Rifle



The Whisper original is now being sold for around $150. At this price, it represents a great value for many airgun buyers.

The Whisper G2 is selling at $200 and we can see the justification for this in the improvements Gamo has made to its best selling predecessor.

HAM CONCLUSION: It’s a draw! Both models score 70% in the HAM value for money rating.



The G2 tested by HAM gave an average muzzle velocity just 23 FPS above that of the original model, as you can see from the table below. That’s not a significant difference. Practically, the muzzle velocities are the same.

PelletAverage Muzzle Velocity,
Whisper G2
Average Muzzle Velocity,
Original Whisper
Gamo Raptor Platinum 4.7 Grain1149.43 FPS1157.80 FPS
H&N Field Target Trophy Green 5.56 Grain1162.59 FPS1115.02 FPS
RWS Hobby 7.0 Grain997.36 FPS971.59 FPS
Crosman Premier HP 7.9 Grain944.91 FPS900.42 FPS
JSB Exact Diabalo 8.44 Grain854.32 FPS862.94 FPS
H&N Field Target Trophy 8.64 Grain893.90 FPS876.54 FPS
H&N Baracuda Match 10.65 Grain793.75 FPS752.95 FPS

Best accuracy from both Whispers was achieved with heavy lead pellets. The first target shows the best obtained from the Whisper G2, the second from the original Whisper.  Both showed excellent accuracy.

Gamo Whisper G2 Test Review H&N Baracuda HAM

Haendler & Natermann Baracuda Match .177-Calibre, 10.65 Grains Round Nose Pellets (500 Count)
H&N Barracuda Match pellets, .177 caliber


Gamo Whisper air rifle test target JSB Exact Diablo pellets

JSB Diabolo EXACT .177 Caliber Air Gun Pellets
JSB Match Diablo Exact pellets, .177 caliber

HAM CONCLUSION: It’s too close to call. Another draw. Both models scored 90% in the HAM Speed and Accuracy tests.



This is where the Whisper G2 pulls ahead of the original model!

Gamo SAT trigger HAM test review

The Gamo Whisper G2 air rifle is fitted with Gamo’s SAT – Smooth Action Trigger. HAM likes this trigger and found an average trigger pull weight of 3lb 4oz: very creditable for a break barrel air rifle of this power. Cocking effort was also good at 35 lbs.

The original Whisper doesn’t deliver a bad performance either, but it’s clearly outranked by the new models’ performance. Trigger pull weight for the original Whisper in HAM testing averaged 5lb 2 oz and the cocking effort was 40 lbs.

HAM CONCLUSION: The Gamo Whisper G2 has a better trigger and is easier to cock than the original model.  HAM trigger and cocking effort rankings were 85% for the Whisper G2 and 80% for the original Whisper.



Gamo makes many claims for the Whisper G2 and the original Whisper. These marketing claims are undoubtedly a vital part of why Gamo is so successful in the airgun market!

In HAM testing, average muzzle velocities of both Whispers were almost identical – the G2 was just 23 FPS faster, on average. With Gamo Platinum PBA pellets, the G2 Whisper was actually slightly slower than the original model – at 1149 FPS compared to 1157 FPS.

Yet Gamo claims the new G2 is faster – as you can see – with a claim of 1275 FPS for PBA Platinum pellets (as used by HAM for our testing), compared to 1200 FPS for the older model. Duhhh….

Whisper G2 and Whisper original comparison review

The Whisper G2 did do better in trigger and cocking effort performance, beating Gamo’s claims in both cases.

And, in both cases, these air rifles are less quiet than we would expect – although it’s important to note that noise levels are one of the few areas in HAM tests that are entirely subjective.

HAM CONCLUSION: Overall, the Gamo Whisper G2 is closer to the manufacturer’s claims than the original model.  HAM scores for comparison to maker’s claims were 50% for the Whisper G2 and 40% for the original Whisper.



Both Whisper G2 and Whisper original gave good consistency in HAM’s testing for accuracy and tolerance of pellet types. Again the G2’s SAT trigger gave better consistency in trigger pull. But overall, they’re very close.

HAM CONCLUSION: Same again. Both models score 80% in HAM consistency testing.


With the same Whisper noise reduction technology and almost the same muzzle velocity, it was a fair guess that noise level would be the same for both air rifles. They are. Although HAM testers felt that both the Whisper G2 and the original Whisper were somewhat noisier than we expected from Gamo’s marketing claims.

HAM CONCLUSION: Same again. Both models score 70% in HAM noise level assessment.


Gamo Whisper G2 and original Whisper air rifle comparison review

The G2’s scope – a 4 x 32 – model is slightly preferable in use to the 3-9 x 40 model bundled with the original Whisper, even though the specification sounds less attractive on paper.

But to match the quality of either the Whisper G2 or the original Whisper, HAM recommends that you buy a better scope. This is disappointing, but most other manufacturers also bundle sub-standard scopes with their air rifles. Gamo is far from the only culprit here.

HAM CONCLUSION: The Gamo Whisper G2 has a marginally better scope than the original model.  HAM scope and sights  rankings were 40% for the Whisper G2 and 30% for the original Whisper.



Both the Whisper G2 and Whisper original are relatively easy to shoot for spring/piston air rifles of this power.

The Whisper G2 benefits from a new buttstock design, with adjustable cheekpiece. Together with the improved trigger, this leads a slightly lower – that means better – RateAGun score of 8.9, compared to 9.2 for the original model. However, both scores are better than those of most air rifles of this power level.

Yet the original Whisper is very easy to point and – HAM feels – comes more naturally to the shoulder. Yes, we agree that this is a completely subjective view to balance against the quantifiable benefits of trigger and buttstock but – hey – we’re human too!

Like almost all high power (1000 fps and above) spring/piston air rifles – and gas ram guns for that matter too – both Whisper models require skill and experience from the shooter for accurate shooting. Use of the loose “Artilley Hold” is mandatory and a tight grasp on the gun will destroy the accuracy of which it is capable. Like most manufacturers, Gamo does not explain this well in the instructions that accompany either model.

HAM CONCLUSION: Too close to call again. Both models scored 80% in the HAM shootability tests.


The Gamo Whisper G2 is very easy to buy. Gamo air rifles are available almost everywhere airguns are sold! You’ll require a little more persistence to find an original Whisper for sale new, but there still seem to be plenty available at retail – if you hurry!

The 12 month warranty is average for an air rifle but Gamo is one of those (fortunately few) companies that requires the user not only to pay for shipping back to Gamo for any warranty repair work, but also requires a prepayment of $10.00 as part payment for the return of the gun after warranty repairs. And repair time is quoted as 6 weeks.

Spare parts for Gamo air rifles are not generally available from Gamo, except as part of a repair undertaken by the company. Liability issues are probably behind Gamo’s approach to the non-provision of spare parts, but this does not help the knowledgeable owner who aims to keep his (or her) gun in use over many years.

Of course, if the gun works well and no warranty claims or spare parts are required, this may not matter to the purchaser!

A possible future issue in long term use of the Whisper G2 is that the front stock screws are covered by a pair of rubber side grips. These grips don’t appear to be easily removed without causing damage that might prevent them from being replaced correctly.

As the front stock screws in most spring/piston air rifles work loose over time, causing inaccuracy. This is easily corrected by the user simply re-tightening these screws. But Gamo’s design seems to imply that either the Whisper G2’s stock screws will never come loose, or – if they do – that they don’t want you to tighten them.

Gamo Whisper G2 and original Whisper airgun test review

HAM CONCLUSION: Same again. Both models scored 40% for buying and owning in the full HAM test reviews.

Gamo Whisper air rifle
Gamo Whisper Air Rifle Combo

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