An Evanix Rainstorm Shoots Slugs

Canadian HAM reader Martin Aalders contacted us recently with this story about how well his .25 caliber Evanix Rainstorm shoots slugs. It shows that you don’t necessarily need the latest airgun model to achieve accuracy in slug shooting.

Take it away Martin…

My name is Martin Aalders and I have retired from Edmonton, Alberta to Haida Gwaii B.C. Haida Gwaii is an island off the B.C. mainland by some 90 miles west and about 600 miles north of Seattle WA. The co-ordinates are 53.14 N and 132.14 West for those interested.

It is almost 10 years to the date that I purchased an Evanix Rainstorm PCP. Yes it’s ancient by today’s standard, but it’s still superbly accurate!

An Evanix Rainstorm Shoots Slugs

I re-scoped my gun with a new Leapers 4-16X44 FFP with the UMOA reticle which is simply an outstanding optic for this gun. As you can see from the pictures I have used many different pellet types. But – like many people – I wanted to try slugs.

The “experts” I spoke with advised me that the Rainstorm would never be able to shoot slugs with any amount of accuracy. I contacted Evanix for technical data on barrel inside diameter, rifling etc. but no-one had any answers for a relic like this.

So I was on my own!

First I got some H and N Grizzlys and they shot okay. Then I tried FX slugs, again okay but not fantastic.

Then I read about the new JSB Knock Out MK 2 in 33.49 grain. This is almost identical in weight to the JSB King Heavy MK 2 pellet that I find a fantasticly accurate pellet that hits with authority.

To my surprise, the scope was optically centred out-of-the-box and it took 2 shots to get on bulls eye. Thanks Leapers!

My home range (backyard) is 40 Yards. The JSB slugs printed 8 rounds in under half an inch CTC. The target below shows the 2 shots for sighting, followed by 8 in the bull.

That’s the target below. The heading photograph at the top of this story shows the group size compared to a Canadian Dime, for scale.

An Evanix Rainstorm Shoots Slugs

My Rainstorm has a sweet spot of 2200 P.S.I fill and will do 20 rounds per fill pushing 900 FPS. The temperature was 3 degrees C (37 degrees F) and winds were 16 gusting 22 knots at my 4 o’clock.

An Evanix Rainstorm Shoots Slugs

Shots were taken when the wind died down a bit. Never, never in my wildest dreams did I expect these results!

The other amazing thing is the barrel was never cleaned between shooting JSB pellets and going direct to JSB slugs.

The moral of the story is this: When you hear that your air rifle might not be suitable for slugs, don’t believe the “experts”. Try it yourself!

JSB KnockOut Slugs MKII .25 Cal, 33.49gr, Hollowpoint, 150ct 0.25

UTG 4-16×44 AO OP3 Compact Scope UMOA Reticle 1/4 MOA 30mm, MaxStrength Picatinny/Weaver Rings

Martin, thanks for sharing your experience. Your Evanix Rainstorm shoots slugs really well, and so do you! Hopefully your experience will encourage other HAM readers to try shooting slugs in their “old” PCPs.