Barra Schofield Rifled Barrel Upgrade

Today we’ll make a Barra Schofield rifled barrel upgrade. HAM first reviewed the Schofield BB revolver in May 2022. We loved it and it earned a HAM Gold Award for its performance on test.

But of course, with BB guns, there’s always the cry: “Why doesn’t it have a rifled barrel so I can shoot pellets!”

Well, Barra was listening and now they have introduced four barrel upgrade kits for the Schofield BB revolver. Four? Yes, two enable you to shoot .177 caliber pellets, the other two are for .22 pellets. There’s 7-Inch and 5-Inch versions of the Schofield BB gun, you see.

Barra Airguns differentiates itself from many other companies in the market by embracing those airgunners who want to repair and/or upgrade their airguns. (Many do not, at least in the lower-priced end of the market).

HAM previously touched on this parts availability with the Barra 1100z PCP air rifle. However the company sells a variety of parts for many other models.

For example, there’s a Schofield repair kit containing seals and O rings. There’s also the Barra Schofield rifled barrel upgrade kits we’re covering today.

The company even publishes exploded parts diagrams for some of its guns…

Barra Schofield Rifled Barrel Upgrade

So, let’s get started! First – of course- ensure that your Schofield BB revolver is safe. Remove the CO2 cartridge, “cartridges” and ensure that the barrel is clear.

The Barra Schofield rifled barrel upgrade kit contains a new barrel, a “forcing cone”, six appropriate cartridges and instructions.

The first step is to carefully remove two pins using a 1/16-Inch or 1.5 mm punch. So long as you have the right diameter punch, this is easy. The pins do not require much force to drive out.

Then you can break open the gun and remove the cylinder and “un-loved” BB barrel.

Barra Schofield Rifled Barrel Upgrade

The shiny new, rifled, pellet-firing barrel barrel is now pushed into place and retained by the small pin.

Barra Schofield Rifled Barrel Upgrade

Then the cylinder is replaced and the larger pin carefully driven back.

Note that these pins are “handed”. That means you’ll need to check the correct end to insert in the gun’s frame. But it’s pretty obvious, if you look closely…

Barra Schofield Rifled Barrel Upgrade

That’s it!!!

Now test for functionality and load the the new, pellet “cartridges”.

It’s easy to distinguish the different cartridge types, as we can see below.

In case you would like to see video instructions, Barra has these too. You can watch Geo make the Barra Schofield rifled barrel upgrade here, too…

What’s more, the Barra Schofield rifled barrel upgrade kits are just $25 each. That’s great value and you can find them on the Barra Airguns website.

Look in the “Accessories” section, just make sure to order the appropriate caliber and barrel length.

Enjoy 🙂