Beeman Chief PCP Air Rifle Video Review in .22 Caliber

The latest review from Steve Scialli at YouTube’s AEAC is the Beeman Chief PCP air rifle in .22 caliber.

Hard Air Magazine reviewed the Chief in .177 caliber back in March. This was the actual gun that had been exhibited at the 2017 SHOT Show. The Beeman Chief PCP air rifle scored 86% in the HAM tests and gained a HAM Gold Award for its value.

We compared the Beeman Chief PCP air rifle to the Benjamin Maximus air rifle and so does Steve in this video. Although completely different designs, they’re similar in many respects. Both give great shooting performance for the money. But the Chief is significantly cheaper at a Street Price of around $180.00.

As Steve Scialli says in this video, the overall price/performance level of the Beeman Chief PCP air rifle is really very good – matching the HAM test conclusions. HAM also agrees with Steve in that the Chief is another step in the current rapid trend pushing affordable PCP performance to many shooters who have not previously used this technology.

Beeman QB Chief PCP Air Rifle
Beeman QB Chief