Beeman Chief Versus Benjamin Maximus Head To Head Review

Airgun Depot has just published an interesting Head To Head review of two low-priced PCP air rifles, the Beeman Chief and Benjamin Maximus. Following their boxing theme, Airgun depot calls this the “Entry Level PCP Flyweight Division”.

Currently, these guns are the price leaders in the “serious” PCP air rifle market. They’re both single-shot, bolt action models with 2,000 PSI fill pressure and no regulator. And both are excellent, pretty accurate guns that will make many owners happy – particularly first time PCP owners.

Both guns are available in .177 and .22 calibers, of course. The main difference in specification is that the Chief has a wood stock, whereas the Maximus stock is a black, synthetic part.

Yes, they’re closely-matched, as you will see from Airgun Depot’s comparison. But there’s actually quite a large difference in price. The Beeman Chief is selling at $179.99, while the Benjamin Maximus is $219.99.

That means that the Maximus costs $30.00 – 22% more – than the Chief. That may be enough to sway some buyers, as is mentioned in the Head To Head Review.

Hard Air Magazine has tested both models and found the difference almost too close to call. We scored the Beeman Chief at 83% in our comprehensive test review. The Benjamin Maximus scored 82%. Both guns gained a coveted HAM Gold Award.

You can read the Hard Air Magazine reviews from the links below:
Beeman Chief
Benjamin Maximus

And there’s just one other point to add. The Beeman Chief looks very much like a “QB78 PCP”. However it’s actually a completely new, different gun. The more you examine in detail, the more different this becomes clear. So far as we can tell, only the trigger assembly and open sights are common with other QB78-type air rifles.

It’s tough to have great choices like this!

Beeman QB Chief
Benjamin Maximus