Brocock Bantam Video Review By Giles Barry

Giles Barry’s latest production is a new Brocock Bantam video review.

In it we see Giles shooting a .22 caliber Bantam in the desert of Queen Valley, Arizona. The Bantam is the latest PCP air rifle from the British manufacturer and is a development of the Brocock Compatto with a larger tank and other improvements.

The gun is a US-specification model, producing 30 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy. The carbon fiber tank is specified to give 60 “good” shots per fill, but Giles sees more than that in his review.

There are also .177 cal and .25 caliber versions of the Bantam available.

Brocock Bantam Video Review By Giles Barry

This is the beech stock model. There’s a black synthetic “soft touch” stock version, too, if you prefer. Click below to see Giles’ Brocock Bantam video review.

Brocock Bantam Beech