Brocock Commander Magnum XR Video Review

In this new video, Jared Clark looks at the Brocock Commander Magnum XR air rifle. This is the highest power member of the tactical-style Commander family.

Compared to the Brocock Sniper XR tested by HAM back in March, the Commander series differ mainly in the different style stock. The Sniper has a thumbhole stock, while the Commander features a separate AK47-style pistol grip and AR15-type collapsible buttstock.

Brocock Commander Magnum XR Video Review

In both cases, the XR designation means that these Brocock air rifles are fitted with the company’s latest sidelever-cocking action.

There’s also a list of options with the Commander. Standard-length (18.6-Inch) barrels are available for .177 caliber, .22 and .25. Magnum models have a 24-Inch barrel and are supplied in .22 and .25 calibers.

The longer barrel helps the .25 caliber Commander Magnum XR generate a Muzzle Energy of 55 Ft/Lbs using 33.95 Grain JSB King Heavy pellets.

As you would expect, this is more punch than the .22 caliber Sniper XR tested by HAM, although our gun achieved a very creditable 43 Ft/Lbs using 25.39 Grain JSB Jumbo Monster pellets.

Both the Commander and the Sniper are fitted with Huma regulators. They both also have two-stage triggers and adjustable power levels courtesy of a side-located power adjuster.

Furthermore, both PCPs also are supplied with 480cc carbon fiber HPA tanks.

The existence of both Commander and Sniper versions gives a big choice for Brocock customers. Basically, the choice will largely be dictated by your preferences in stock design and functionality. And – maybe – looks!

Check out Jared’s video of the Commander Magnum XR air rifle below.

Brocock Commander Magnum XR Air Rifle