Brocock Concept XR Video Review From AoA

The Brocock Concept XR is the latest, sidelever-cocking version of the UK company’s Concept PCP air rifle.

HAM reviewed the bolt-action Brocock Concept Lite last year. We liked it a lot and it earned a HAM Gold Award on test. The Concept XR is improved in several ways over the Concept Lite. Internal changes to valve and hammer are combined with the more obvious sidelever cocking action.

Essentially the Brocock Concept XR is the lighter, more compact version of the basic Brocock PCP platform. It’s a tactically-styled air rifle that accepts AK-fitting pistol grips and AR-type buttstocks.

HAM found the Concept Lite fun and easy to shoot. It had a quality, chunky, solid feel, yet was not large or heavy. It proved accurate with a wide range of pellets – so there’s no need to spend time searching for one “perfect pellet” just for this gun.

In summary we found the Concept Lite an excellent air rifle for a fair price. As you can see from Jared Clark’s video review, the new Brocock Concept XR shares those attributes.

In his video review, Jared tested the Concept XR finding 55 shots per fill at a Muzzle Energy of 27 Ft/Lbs in .22 caliber. In 25 cal. he recorded 40 shots per fill at 37 Ft/Lbs. The .177 caliber numbers were 17.9 Ft/Lbs and 80 shots per fill.

These are very creditable performance statistics from a PCP air rifle with such a small (compact, light) HPA capacity.

Brocock Concept XR