Brocock Ranger XR Video Review

To coincide with the product launch, Airguns of Arizona now has this Brocock Ranger XR video review.

The review features Lauren from AoA, together with Jessica of Iguana Solutions.

The short, carbine-length PCP air rifle is ideally-suitable for hunting pests and small game. Jessica is familiar with the Brocock Concept Lite as she uses one in her pest control activities already. But this is her introduction to the Ranger XR.

The ladies are impressed with the compact length of the new PCP, combined with the reliability and accuracy of the new air rifle.

As Jessica explains, Iguanas are an invasive species in South Florida and have become a huge problem there. For her pest removal activities, Jessica needs a compact, discrete airgun. At 23.5 Inches length with a folding stock and 5.5 Lbs weight (plus scope), it certainly qualifies for her requirements.

She also needs the capability to select a low power level that’s suitable for iguana removal in residential areas.

Brocock Ranger XR Video Review

In this Brocock Ranger XR video review, she also explains that Iguanas are hard to kill, so predictable shot placement is another key requirement for her hunting use. In all respects, she’s happy using Brocock air rifles!

So the compact Brocock air rifles are ideal for pest control. Although the inspiration for the Ranger XR was controlling invasive gray squirrels in the North of England, it’s obviously also very appealing to a pest controller dealing with iguanas!

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Brocock Ranger XR