BSA Gold Star SE Air Rifle Video Review

BSA air rifles have had a low profile in the US market. However Airguns of Arizona is looking to change that, as we can see from Jared Clark’s video review of the BSA Gold Star SE air rifle.

The BSA Gold Star SE is one of a range of PCPs from the British manufacturer. It’s a compact, light air rifle that prioritizes handling and accuracy. Weight is around 8.6 Lbs and the overall length is 39 Inches.

Unusually, it’s also available in both dedicated single-load and multi-shot, magazine-fed versions. An optional single-shot adapter is also available for the magazine-fed guns.

The calibers offered for the Gold Star are .177 and .22 cal. They’re currently available in a choice of laminate stocks. The “Black Pepper” stock has black and gray laminate, while the “Union Jack” version features – you’ve guessed it! – red, white and blue laminations.

BSA Gold Star SE Air Rifle Video Review

The stocks have butt pad adjustments for length of pull, height and camber adjustment. There’s also cheek adjustments for up down and side-to-side. In addition, a “hamster” is included for use in Field Target competition. It can be removed by the owner, if required, for bench rest or hunting use.

The Gold Star uses an unusual straight-pull bolt action. This is combined with a manual safety and adjustable trigger, as expected.

All BSA Gold Star SE models are regulated. Muzzle Energy is up to 31 Ft/Lbs in .22 caliber and 17 Ft/Lbs in .177 cal. Jared tests the .22 cal model in this review and achieved 25 consistent shots per fill shooting 21.4 Grain Baracuda Match pellets.

Don’t forget that this is a compact air rifle with a small-capacity HPA tube, rather than a large, heavy bottle.

At the present time, Airguns of Arizona has a special on the “Union Jack” stock version. This includes a $500.00 price saving, together with a free single shot adapter, BSA 1-Inch scope rings and resettable field target.

BSA Gold Star SE Multi Shot “Union Jack Pack”