BSA R-10 SE Air Rifle Video Review

The BSA R-10 SE air rifle is beautiful, hard-hitting and accurate with heavier pellets. Hard Air Magazine tested a R-10 SE recently and it performed well, scoring 88% in our tests and easily earning a HAM Silver Award.

Now AEAC’s Steve Scialli has produced a video review of the same model. And he likes it, too!

This is the individualist’s choice in a high end PCP. It’s If you’re a right-handed shooter who can match your scope choice to the left-side magazine loading, prefers a bolt action and doesn’t need a huge number of consistent shots, the BSA R-10 SE could well be the gun for you!

In .22 caliber – as tested by both HAM and AEAC – the BSA R-10 SE air rifle makes an excellent air rifle for hunting small game. In .177 cal it would be a great tool for Field Target competition.

Take a look at the AEAC review by clicking the link below.

BSA R-10 SE PCP Air Rifle, Walnut Stock
BSA R-10 SE Air Rifle