Check Out Airgun Depot’s SIG SAUER ASP20 Definitive Guide

The SIG SAUER ASP20 air rifle is the subject of one of Airgun Depot’s recent Definitive Guides. It’s worth checking out!

Following the standard format for these Definitive Guides, the ASP guide has a written overview, together with a video review. Travis does a great job with his video reviews. They’re informative, contain some humor and are not too pushy.

Of course, Hard Air Magazine has tested the SIG SAUER ASP20 in .177 caliber – we loved it! But Airgun Depot tests the same model in .22 caliber, so it’s interesting to see their results too.

Interestingly, Travis and the Airgun Depot team found that the ASP20 gave good accuracy with alloy pellets. So did the HAM team – with different guns in different calibers.

That tends to indicate that the SIG SAUER ASP20 could be a good candidate for using high quality non-lead pellets. That’s not a common trait among break barrel air rifles in our experience, at least!

As with the HAM test gun, the ASP20 tested by Airgun Depot exceeded the manufacturer’s power claims.

Check Out Airgun Depot’s SIG SAUER ASP20 Definitive Guide

As a reminder that environmental conditions can play a significant effect with any airgun, Airgun Depot reminds us that their testing was undertaken indoors at an elevation of nearly 5,000 Feet. This means that you can expect 10-15% more power at Sea Level, they say.

The HAM Team used the SIG SAUER ASP20 for some experiments with the effect of temperature on gas ram airguns. We found that there was a noticeable difference in Muzzle velocity when shooting at different temperatures.

So, to obtain maximum power from your break barrel air rifle – not just the ASP20 – shoot it at Sea Level on a warm day if possible! If elevation or temperature change significantly from the environment where you sighted-in the rifle, expect to make changes if you want the best accuracy.

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