Customize Your Air Rifle With These New Stylish Scope Mounts

Scope mounts and rings are often regarded as critical, but strictly functional parts of your air rifle. Now Leapers is changing that with these new stylish scope mounts.

Which do you prefer? This traditional offset mount…

… or this new Leapers mount.

Customize Your Air Rifle With These New Stylish Scope Mounts

In fact, there’s a range of UTG Accu-sync Integral Offset Picatinny Scope Rings. The stylish design approach is immediately apparent, as is the multitude of radiused edges and corners to prevent the mounts snagging on clothes and gear. (Doesn’t that always happen at just the most inopportune time, too?).

Below we see a short, high mount used with a SIG Virtus air rifle.

Customize Your Air Rifle With These New Stylish Scope Mounts

These “Integral Offset Rings” – we’re calling them mounts for simplicity – are available in high and medium saddle heights for different diameter scope tubes. Currently the range includes 1-Inch, 30mm and 34 mm models.

They’re all CNC-manufactured from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 Aluminum and fit onto MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rails. Of course, these Picatinny rails are becoming ever more common on air rifles.

Leapers includes square profile recoil stops for precise and consistent mounting onto these scope rails. With PCPs we’re not generally worried about recoil, but accurate shooting does require that scope rings hold the riflescope precisely in place with no movement at any time.

Customize Your Air Rifle With These New Stylish Scope Mounts

The design of UTG Accu-sync Integral Offset Picatinny Scope Rings can be a great advantage with some air rifles – typically bullpups – that have a shorter scope rail. The offset rings then offer a greater range of possibilities for achieving the best eye relief required by the combination of your eyes and scope performance.

Weight is kept down by lightening holes and graceful design. For example, the short, Medium height offset mount for 1-inch tube scopes weighs just 4.9 Oz.

As even the Medium height rings can accommodate riflescopes with an objective (front) lens bell of 61 mm diameter, the High versions will be required simply to achieve a good eye line for comfortable shooting. High will probably be the choice for most bullpup air rifle users.

And did we mention that these are stylish scope mounts? Just compare the appearance to a traditional set of offset mounts. It’s like night and day!!!!

Customize Your Air Rifle With These New Stylish Scope Mounts

These new Accu-sync offset mounts are available with a choice of distances between the rings. Here in the HAM offices, we have the compact, black version with 44mm (just under 1 3/4 Inches) between the rings.

This compact version works well with all the Leapers scopes we’ve paired then with. But the inter-ring distance is a little too tight for use with some other manufacturer’s scopes with larger turret dimensions.

That’s why each model is available with a longer (60 mm, 2 1/3 Inch) distance between the rings. This size would be the HAM Team’s choice as it allows for yet more leeway in scope positioning, plus providing a superior support base for long, heavy scopes.

For the ultimate in customizing your air rifle, these stylish scope mounts are also available in a range of colors. Do they look cool, or what???

There’s a choice of red, black or blue anodized finishes. Alternatively, Leapers has them available in OD Green, Flat Dark Earth and Gun Metal Cerakote finishes.

In total, there’s no less than 54 combinations of ring diameter, saddle height, ring spacing and color available in the UTG Accu-sync Integral Offset Picatinny Scope Ring range. Wow! That’s a ton of choices to set your air rifle apart from the herd…

Enjoy customizing your air rifle with these stylish scope mounts!

UTG ACCU-SYNC 30mm High Pro. 50mm Offset Pic. Rings, Red