Daystate Delta Wolf Review – The Start Of A Saga!

Although HAM has brought you advanced information and other details on the Delta Wolf, this is the first part of our formal Daystate Delta Wolf review. There’s no doubt that it will be the start of a saga!

Why? Well because the Delta Wolf is the first real electronically-controlled air rifle in the way that we might imagine an electronically-controlled airgun to be. This changes everything and forces us to re-consider the things we know (or think we know) about airguns: even how we should test it…

Below. EBR 2018 winner Claudio Flores was shooting this Delta Wolf at 2021 Extreme Benchrest.

Daystate Delta Wolf Review

But – you say – isn’t the Daystate Red Wolf electronically-controlled?

Yes. It’s certainly true that the Red Wolf, together with other Daystate models before that, have included electronic trigger release and power control. But the Delta Wolf takes the extent and level of control to a completely different level.

Any Daystate Delta Wolf review will highlight that this is an extremely simple gun to shoot. It’s easy to load a magazine, set the safety to “fire” and start shooting. The effortless cocking and glass-break trigger are both just sublime.

That highlights the basic value proposition of the Delta Wolf. It’s beautifully simple to use.

Yet it’s also a highly-sophisticated, superbly-crafted air rifle that offers previously-unheard precision and versatility. Why? Because it’s digitally-controlled!

Now here is a real point of contention…

Daystate Delta Wolf Review

Above. The Delta Wolf is controlled by this touchscreen incorporated into the side of the buttstock.

We all use electronically-controlled digital devices every day. I’m writing this post in HAM using a computer. Thanks to the Internet, you’re reading it on a computer, tablet or phone. All of that technology is based on digital electronics and our world today can’t function without it.

And yet, many of us have concerns about electronics in our airguns. Primarily there’s two. There’s the weather issue: will my gun get wet and malfunction? The second is: do I have enough battery power?

As for waterproofing, Daystate has had electronics in their guns for many years. England is not notable for being a dry place – ask anyone who lives there. As I did for many years!

So they have the experience and the practical everyday test environment to develop a weatherproof airgun containing electronics that will keep on working. The Delta Wolf is well weather-sealed. No, I’ve not taken this Delta Wolf into a shower with me, but personally, I do not have any doubts about this.

Daystate Delta Wolf Review

Above. There’s still an analog pressure gauge for the HPA bottle, in spite of all the electronics.

As for battery capacity, Daystate says that it provides power for “many hundreds, if not thousands of shots”. What I can say is that the HAM Team has been shooting this Delta Wolf extensively and we’ve not yet run the battery flat.

Undoubtedly this is an area where “your mileage may vary”, but the gun is so easy to charge that it should not be a real issue. Just plug the long, USB cable supplied by Daystate into your phone charger for a few hours before you go shooting. Leave it plugged-in overnight to recharge a really low battery level.

We all do this naturally with our cellphones. So how hard can it be to do so with an air rifle?

Below. The USB charging cable plugs conveniently into the buttstock here.

Where the real “meat” of this HAM Daystate Delta Wolf review series will be is in understanding and explaining the flexibility and versatility of the gun. We’ll get to that in due course…

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Daystate Delta Wolf