Daystate Delta Wolf Video Instructions

Now we have Daystate Delta Wolf video instructions from Airguns of Arizona! This covers how to use and manage the airgun’s electronic controls. Combined with the built-in chronograph, otherwise un-matched control and monitoring is available over this air rifle.

Before you start looking at this video, it’s important to know that your local Daystate dealer is going to set the gun up for you in advance. So – in the USA – Airguns of Arizona (or the Daystate dealer you purchase the gun from) will set the gun to the shooting characteristics that best match the requirements of US shooters.

AoA also include no less than five pre-set Advanced Modes for you too. But you can easily change anything you like from that starting point…

Daystate Delta Wolf Video Instructions

Most of the Delta Wolf’s amazing flexibility is controlled using the touch screen on the left side of the buttstock. This screen is locked during normal use to prevent unintended alterations to the gun’s shooting characteristics.

So – in this video – Jared Clark from AoA starts with unlocking the screen. Then he proceeds to review the “Factory Shot Settings”. In doing so, he shows the ease with which the setup is controlled using “tap” and “swipe” motions, similar to those we’re familiar with from cellphone and tablet use.

The three basic settings are caliber, barrel length and Muzzle Velocity. The Delta Wolf is available in multiple calibers and barrel lengths and these can be changed by the user, too.

For example, Muzzle Velocity can be set to the FPS you desire, in increments of just 5 FPS. That’s within a range of over 300 FPS between the fastest and slowest settings! This Muzzle Velocity is then monitored during shooting by the chronograph that’s built-in to the rifle’s shroud.

The touch screen displays the FPS of every shot you take. As Jared shows in this video, it’s never been so easy to change the Muzzle Velocity of an air rifle before!

Then he moves onto “Advanced Mode”. This provides – if you want – even more precise control over the gun’s downrange performance, although at the possible expense of shot count.

As Jared explains in his Delta Wolf video instructions, in Advanced Mode the shooter can easily control the hammer power and dwell time. Combined with the regulator set pressure, these characteristics are responsible for changing the amount of air metered-out by the valve for every shot.

Within reason, the more High Pressure Air that’s metered-out by the valve behind a pellet, the faster will be the FPS. So this is the way to maximum power – if that’s what you want. AoA provides a pre-programmed “WARP” mode if you want to get there the easy way.

There’s no doubt that this electronic control capability sets the Daystate Delta Wolf ahead of every other air rifle ever built for ease, flexibility and control of set-up.

So if you’re considering the Daystate Delta Wolf for your next air rifle, this video really is required viewing!

For a “static” reference to many of the screens, you can also look at this HAM post made some time ago

Daystate Delta Wolf