Daystate Red Wolf Laminate HP Video Review

Here’s another interesting video review of an interesting and beautiful new air rifle – the Daystate Red Wolf Laminate HP. It’s available in .177, .22, .25 and .30 calibers. This review concentrates on the .22 caliber High Power (that’s US-spec) model.

Jared Clark from Airguns of Arizona takes us through the features and functionality of the new model in this video. Then he shoots it for shot count and accuracy.

The Daystate Red Wolf was first launched at 2018 SHOT Show as the Serie Rosso limited edition version. Now we have the regular production version in a striking red laminate stock.

Admittedly, this is far from being a cheap air rifle. But it certainly looks beautiful and it’s clearly powerful and accurate.

Unsurprisingly for a flagship Daystate air rifle, the Red Wolf has electronic control and display for many of the gun’s functions. It’s regulated, of course. The LCD display allows control over such things as the three power levels. It also monitors factors like internal air pressure and the number of shots remaining in the magazine – the choice is yours and Jared shows us how to make it.

The Red Wolf has an anti-double load feature. Who among us hasn’t needed that at some time? I certainly have!

As Jared shows us, this new Daystate PCP air rifle uses the air stored in its 480 cc carbon fiber HPA bottle to good effect.

On High Power setting Jared achieves 60 consistent shots at 54.9 Ft/Lbs  Muzzle Energy with JSB Beast 34.4 grain pellets. That a lot of power for hunting with a .22 caliber air rifle.

Medium Power provides 115 consistent shots at 42.8 Ft/Lbs using 25.4 Grain JSB Monster pellets.

While Low Power – clearly a relative term for the Red Wolf – gives 210 consistent shots averaging 31.6 Ft/Lbs with JSB 18.1 Grain Heavy pellets. As Jared points-out, this Low Power setting provides a Muzzle Energy that’s equal to, or above, that of many other PCPs.

Daystate Red Wolf