Doug Makes An HW100 Upgrade – A New Stock

HAM specialist PCP air rifle tester Doug Rogers’ favorite air rifle for Field Target competition is the Weihrauch HW100. In fact, Doug has just made an HW100 upgrade – he fitted a new stock to it. Here’s the story…

Above, that’s Doug at the 2019 Pyramyd Air Cup. He’s making ready to shoot his HW100 at a standing lane. As you can see, his gun is fitted with a regular walnut stock: the one that was supplied with the gun from new. It’s a beautiful piece of wood!

Doug Makes An HW100 Upgrade - A New Stock

You can read the comprehensive HAM test review of Doug’s own gun in .177 caliber. It’s one of the most popular reviews ever published in HAM. Obviously lots of other people like this gun, too.

Doug loves this gun! Despite being a left-hander, he finds it pleasant and comfortable to shoot. But recently he saw the new, limited edition HW100T version. This has a brown/black laminated stock. Not only that, but it has an adjustable cheekpiece and buttpad. Doug could think of nothing else!

Having established that the laminated stock would fit his gun, Doug was set. That new stock would be an HW100 upgrade to his gun…

Removing the stock from the HW100 is a simple matter of unscrewing the two stock screws. The stock separates easily, leaving the action like this.

Doug Makes An HW100 Upgrade - A New Stock

Yes, the walnut and laminated stocks have identical inletting and fit the action readily. They’re manufactured by Italian stock specialists Minelli – only the best, as you would expect for Weihrauch!

Doug Makes An HW100 Upgrade - A New Stock

Apart from the looks, the main benefit to Doug was the adjustable cheekpiece and buttpad. The regular, non-adjustable – stock fitted Doug almost perfectly, but the laminated stock gave just that touch of customization to fit his physique.

Doug Makes An HW100 Upgrade - A New Stock

So now Doug has his HW100 upgrade. It looks beautiful and fits him even better than the original stock. He’s one very happy camper!

Weihrauch HW100T FSB .177 Cal