First FX Crown Air Rifle Video Review

For many of us, the FX Crown was the most exciting new air rifle launched at the IWA Show in March 2017.

Hard Air Magazine brought you the first detailed information on the FX Crown in our IWA Show Day One Report. Now Airgun Depot has the first comprehensive video review of the new product.

The FX Crown is specifically designed to be the ultimate configurable air rifle. There’s a huge number of features and options available. There’s multiple adjustments for different power levels.

Hammer spring tension is adjusted by an external wheel, as is the transfer port size. Even the regulator pressure of there FX Crown can be changed by the owner, if required…

First FX Crown Air Rifle Video Review

This level of adjustability is similar ton that of the FX Impact. But the FX Crown has a conventional, sported-style configuration, instead of the bullpup design of the Impact. It’s also cheaper than the Impact!

Also, the Crown introduces a complete new barrel concept from FX Airguns. This is the Smooth Twist X barrel. FX’s goal with this is the ultimate in accuracy. Smooth Twist X barrels are actually liners that can be easily fitted to, or removed from, the Crown in a matter of a minute or so.

Our photograph below shows FX Airguns owner Fredrik Axelsson, holding the new Crown at the 2017 IWA Show.

First FX Crown Air Rifle Video Review

The FX Crown is available in multiple calibers too. There’s .177 .22 .25 and .30 caliber options. There’s also an innovative, extendible shroud to quieten the report of this air rifle.

The first production guns are starting to ship to the USA now and will be available for sale very soon, says Airgun Depot.

And, of course, Airgun Depot immediately takes the FX Crown outside to shoot the exploding golf balls from its Long Ranger promotion. Jon fits a Hawke scope and uses 33.95 Grain .25 caliber JSB Exact King Heavy pellets. The result? He hits the golf ball and becomes a 200-Yard Long Ranger!

FX Crown Air Rifle