First Look At The Diana Skyhawk PCP Air Rifle

HAM readers previously saw the Diana Skyhawk PCP air rifle in our report from the 2019 IWA Show in Germany. Now we have one in-house at the HAM offices. Let’s take a closer look…

In the hand, the Skyhawk is very compact and comfortable to hold. This is an ideally-sized air rifle for a truck gun, or as a compact hunter. It holds smaller than it looks!

First Look At The Diana Skyhawk PCP Air Rifle

The Italian Minelli stock is beautifully designed and looks wonderful, too. Not all bullpups are fitted with an adjustable buttpad. However the Skyhawk is and this proved very useful in achieving a good scope line without resorting to riser rails or rings.

First Look At The Diana Skyhawk PCP Air Rifle

That scope mounted on the gun is a Leapers 4-16x40AO model. It’s about average length for a riflescope of this configuration, but that’s about as big and heavy as I’d like a Skyhawk scope to be.

The rear-mounted cocking lever is easy to use and well-rounded for use by left-handers. The magazine fits very unobtrusively into the action, too, as you can see.

The Skyhawk PCP is supplied with two magazines. Each holds 11 pellets in .177 caliber, 9 in .22 or 8 in .25 cal. They are of a completely different design to those used in other Diana PCPs, with a vertical format to match the outline of the breech.

There’s also a very substantial single shot tray which – like the magazines – is retained in place by a magnet.

First Look At The Diana Skyhawk PCP Air Rifle

The trigger feels to be perfectly positioned when holding the pistol grip. The combination of the aggressive checkering on the wood, the rake of the grip and the curve of the trigger blade all make a positive impression from the start.

There’s also a simple, push-across, trigger block safety.

First Look At The Diana Skyhawk PCP Air Rifle

Filling the Diana Skyhawk PCP with High Pressure Air is easy with the supplied fill probe. The permanently-attached, pull-out fill port cover is very convenient and will never be lost in the field. That’s good!

Maximum fill pressure is 3,620 PSI (250 Bar).

The HAM Team will be reviewing the Skyhawk in the near future. Stay tuned!

Diana Air Rifle Skyhawk PCP Air Rifle, Walnut 0.177
Diana Skyhawk Air Rifle