Fitting The AV-46M Trigger Upgrade

The Air Venturi AV-46M is a new product that’s proving very popular for 10M pistol shooters. Here we show how simple it is to remove the factory trigger and install a replacement AV-46M trigger upgrade.

The regular trigger supplied with the pistol has a simple curved blade. It is, however, adjustable for pull length by loosening the clamping screw and sliding it along the dovetails.

The AV-46M trigger upgrade looks like this…

AV-46M trigger upgrade

Like the standard factory trigger, it scan be clamped in place anywhere along the dovetail. However, it also provides the ability to raise, lower and rotate the trigger shoe to achieve the perfect position for any individual shooter.

Here’s a comparison of the two trigger blades.

Fitting The AV-46M Trigger Upgrade

First, the existing trigger clamping screw is loosened. The trigger blade can then be slid carefully forward off of the dovetail.

Fitting The AV-46M Trigger Upgrade

Then the AV46-M trigger upgrade is slid into place and clamped onto the dovetail using Allen key supplied in the kit. Simple!

Fitting The AV-46M Trigger Upgrade

This new trigger blade provides considerable adjustment capability, making it an ideal upgrade to help achieve a perfect fit between air pistol and shooter. Once the perfect fitting is achieved, the trigger shoe can be clamped firmly in place using the other (larger) Allen wrench.

Besides being easy to install and adding useful functionality to the trigger, this upgrade is also well-priced at just $29.99, including the two necessary Allen wrenches.

Match pistol enthusiasts will not be surprised to hear that it also fits the IZH 46M target pistol, too.

HAM Tester Doug Wall has been shooting the AV-46M for a full HAM review. His full, comprehensive review will be published in HAM very soon. But here’s a clue. He loves it!!!

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