Fortitude Trigger Pull Weight Reduction – Here’s How Travis From Airgun Depot Does It

The Benjamin Fortitude trigger has been used in several PCPs manufactured by Crosman – now Velocity Outdoor – over the years. Starting with the Benjamin Discovery, its been used in the Benjamin Maximus and – most recently in the Fortitude.

Yes, the Fortitude trigger works, however, it’s not the most sophisticated trigger out there. The main issue is the heavy pull weight. Here’s the pull weights we have found in HAM tests for the following models:

Benjamin Maximus – TPW 5 Lbs 13 Oz

Benjamin Fortitude – TPW 5 Lbs 9 Oz

Of course, there’s been aftermarket fixes for the Fortitude trigger published in many places over the years. They can make a considerable improvement for minimal effort. Yet, amazingly, Crosman/Velocity Outdoor has never made any changes to the basic unit. Why? We dunno…

In this recent video from Airgun Depot, Travis shows how to make some very simple changes to a Fortitude trigger. By doing so, he reduces the TPW of this particular gun from 7 Lbs 2 Oz (ouch!) to just around 2 Lbs 0 Oz.

Travis uses a couple of those popular Internet tuning tricks to achieve this result.

This video is useful because Travis shows how easy it is to improve the Fortitude trigger. His explanation is clear and concise. It’s also quick and easy to follow. Especially, Travis gives good advice on how to always test the trigger to ensure that it’s still safe after making any modifications.

Thanks Travis. Great video!

HAM would like to add a couple of safety recommendations, however…

Before undertaking any work on any airgun, be sure to confirm that it’s unloaded and there’s no pellet in the barrel. This is implied in the video but not made explicit.

Secondly, the HAM Team always empties all air from any PCP before undertaking any work on it. Sure, it’s not strictly necessary for this Fortitude trigger mod, but we’re really keen on not getting injured accidentally! So we definitely recommend shooting the gun empty of all High Pressure Air before making this – or any change – to your air rifle.

The other thing to note is this. The Benjamin Fortitude has an outstanding 5-year warranty from Velocity Outdoor. However, that warranty – like any other – is void if you make any changes.

So yes, you get a better trigger pull following Travis’ advice but doing so will mean that the gun’s warranty is no longer valid. It’s your call…

Benjamin Fortitude Air Rifle