Fragmenting Slugs In Ballistic Gel Video. Wow!

Hard Air Magazine reader Tom Gavin recently drew our attention to his fragmenting slugs in ballistic gel video. “You might like this,” he said.

The HAM Team certainly did like it, so we thought our readers would like it too. You’ll see a description of the caliber, weight and Muzzle Velocity of the slugs in question at the top of each section of the video.

Tom chose the gel block size to approximate the impact effect on pigeon- or squirrel-sized game.

Tom continues: “I thought I’d share what we have been doing the last 12 months with Match Grade long distance (200+ Yards) low velocity fragmenting slugs. These are made with Corbin Swaging equipment.”

“In .22 and .25 cal. airgun slugs there is way too much energy being wasted on Squirrel or Pigeon size game,” Tom continues. “So we designed these for airgun use.”

“Sure it’s not a new idea. There’s many powder burner rounds that use this fragmenting type of design. We have just perfected many different designs. From 2 – 7 separate frags at velocities as low as 600 FPS.”

“This is just a short video to show the results we get consistently. Hunting, cadavers or other test media slow motion video always reveal the same results.”

“Fragmenting slugs are far more deadly than standard hollow point slugs,” Tom says.

“I shoot a 38gr. slug at 940 FPS for 74+ Ft/Lbs Muzzle Energy,” he continues. “When I hit or miss a Ground Squirrel with a ‘standard hollow point slug’ at 150 Yards the slug most often ricochets off fast and loud. But, these fragmenting slugs just break into small almost harmless pieces.”

“This is just a small ballistic gelatin sample of the many tests we’ve done,” he concludes.

Tom, thanks for letting us know. That’s an excellent fragmenting slugs in ballistic gel video! Thanks also for showing how you illuminated the ballistic gel for such great video clarity. Enjoy…