FX Wildcat .25 Caliber Video Review From AEAC

The latest video review from Steve Scialli of YouTube’s AEAC covers the FX Wildcat .25 caliber.

Hard Air Magazine reviewed the Wildcat in .22 caliber, so you can compare our thoughts there, too.

We loved the Wildcat and it earned a 93% score – one of the highest ever awarded by HAM – together with a coveted HAM Gold Award.

There’s a few relatively minor differences between the .25 caliber version of the Wildcat and the .22 cal models. These include a larger capacity air tank and longer barrel/shroud. But overall, the Wildcat is very similar in both calibers.

With a Muzzle Energy of about 44 Ft/Lbs, the FX Wildcat in .25 caliber is an ideal hunting air rifle, as Steve explains in his review. He calls it “a hunter’s dream come true”.

Check out the video below…

FX Wildcat Air Rifle