Giles Rebuilds His Artemis M30 PCP Air Rifle

This is an unusual video from Giles. It’s about an unusual air rifle, too. The Artemis M30.

“The what?” I hear many HAM readers say…

Actually the Artemis M30 is an extremely interesting PCP air rifle, although not currently available in the USA. It’s manufactured by Snowpeak, the giant Chinese airgun manufacturer.

The defining feature of this gun is that the HPA air tank is actually around the barrel. Yes, that’s right, around the barrel!

Snowpeak present the Artemis M30 as their top-end PCP. It’s on the first page of the Artemis catalog that I have from IWA 2018, for example.

Giles Rebuilds His Artemis M30 PCP Air Rifle

The Artemis M30 is available in .177 cal, .22 and .25 caliber. It has a bolt action and is magazine-fed, with 13 shots in .177. The .22 caliber magazine holds 11 pellets and the .25 version, 9 shots.

Fill pressure is 3,625 PSI and the gun is regulated. There’s gauges for both the fill pressure and regulator pressure in the underside of the stock.

Without doubt, this is an exciting and stylish-looking air rifle. The sleek lines make it look more like a shotgun than an airgun. I’ve looked at it several times at the IWA Show in Germany, with great interest.

Giles liked it too, that’s why he purchased one for £500 . That’s about $630 at today’s rate of exchange, including the 20% UK Value Added (Sales) Tax.

Unfortunately that Artemis M30 didn’t work too well. That’s why Giles rebuilt it and produced this video to show others how to do it. He’s done a great job!

So here we have Giles in his workshop stripping down this air rifle, fixing the things that are wrong and re-building it correctly. And, as Giles says, BE CAREFUL. Take the appropriate safety precautions when working with ANY air rifle!

Giles Rebuilds His Artemis M30 PCP Air Rifle

This is a very interesting video for anyone interested in the engineering and operation of a PCP air rifle.

And there’s another interesting aspect to this video. Snowpeak is the manufacturer of the Diana Outlaw and Stormrider, among other airguns. Watching this video gives a great insight to the value added by Diana to these products.

I’ve taken four Outlaws apart to write my Choosing and Shooting The Diana Outlaw book. Internally, they’ve all been in great shape – nothing like Giles finds in his M30! That’s the result of Diana sending their personnel to the factory and working with the manufacturer to create a quality product.

Thanks Giles! Thanks Diana!