Giles Shoots the Air Arms Galahad, UK-Spec in .177 Caliber

Hard Air Magazine has reviewed the Air Arms Galahad as a .22 caliber US-specification gun. We loved it and awarded it a HAM Gold Award with an outstanding 94% score. We also ran a brief review of the full power .25 caliber version.

Now Giles Barry from YouTube’s AirgunGearShow has reviewed the Air Arms Galahad in .177 caliber. As this is a UK-specification air rifle, it conforms to the UK Legal Limit for unregistered airguns of 12 Ft/Lbs.

In spite of that low power by US standards, Giles shows how accurate this gun is at ranges out to 50 Yards. He uses Air Arms 8.4 Grain pellets, manufactured by JSB.

He also gives the great advice to not save money on pellets when shooting a gun of this accuracy, but only to use quality pellets to obtain the full potential of the air rifle.

Giles’ test rifle is a regulated “full length” gun. He obtains nearly 150 consistent shots at 11.03 Ft/Lbs from one fill of 250 Bar (that’s 3,625 PSI), before reaching the regulator pressure at 105 Bar (1,523 PSI). That compares very well the the manufacturer’s claim of 130 consistent shots.

Giles obviously loves the Galahad! But US viewers may be somewhat confused to his Marmite references. Let’s just say that most Brits love Marmite on toast 🙂

Air Arms Galahad Rifle, REG FAC Black Stock
Air Arms Galahad, Black