Giles Tests The Snowpeak Artemis PP700 S-A PCP Air Pistol

Here’s a new video from YouTube’s AirgunGearShow. Today, Giles is reviewing the Snowpeak Artemis PP700 S-A PCP air pistol. Well, actually it’s branded as a “Zasdar” model and – as Giles says – “You gotta love that name?!”

The Snowpeak Artemis PP700 S-A PCP air pistol is yet another model from the prolific Chinese company. In fact, there’s also a similar, but simpler, PP700 W model of the same gun featured in the 2018 Artemis catalog. It’s available in both .177 and .22 calibers.

Who is Snowpeak and what’s Artemis? Well, Snowpeak is probably the largest airgun manufacturer in the world. Artemis is the in-house brand for their more sophisticated models. Snowpeak actually is an OEM manufacturer, so its products are sold under many other names. You can read more about the company in this HAM post from the 2018 IWA show.

That HAM post also shows this pistol in carbine form with a side-hinged stock.

Who is Zasdar? The HAM Team has no idea…

What’s for sure is that this is a regulated, single shot target pistol that features an adjustable trigger and hammer spring. This is combined with an unusual side-swinging breech.

However, THERE IS NO SAFETY on the Zasdar – er – Snowpeak Artemis PP700 S-A PCP air pistol and this – as Giles emphasizes – means that even more care and awareness is required when shooting this pistol than usual.

The manufacturer claims not less than 20 shots per fill in .22 caliber – which is what Giles is shooting. Obviously Giles’ gun is a sub 6 Ft/Lbs UK-spec model, but he achieves around 50 shots per fill. Full power is about 9 Ft/Lbs.

The Snowpeak Artemis PP700 S-A PCP air pistol – sorry, that should read Zasdar – has impressed Giles. “It’s really, really good”, he says.

Giles then proceeds to demonstrate some impressively-accurate offhand shooting using a very unusual hold. It looks more like “off arm” than off hand to us but you’ll need to watch the video to see.

Finally, Giles brings out the Jaffa Cakes! This British delicacy would probably be called some sort of cookie in the USA. Anyway, Giles loves them about as much as he loves the Snowpeak Artemis PP700 S-A PCP air pistol…