Got A Bullpup? You Probably Need A Riser Mount Like This

With more and more bullpup air rifles being purchased, more and more people find that they need some way to raise the scope to the right height for a comfortable sight picture. Sometimes high rings will do, but sometimes you still need more height. Then it’s time for a riser mount.

The HAM Team ran into this issue recently when a new Ataman B7 arrived for review. It has a Picatinny scope mounting rail, but  HAM Tester Doug Rogers found he needed more height in order to position the riflescope correctly for him to shoot the gun.

That’s also the case with the Huben K1 shown in our heading photograph above.

So HAM Publisher Stephen Archer went looking for an answer. The UTG Super Slim Picatinny Riser Mount looked very suitable. Let’s look at two versions now…

Got A Bullpup? You Probably Need A Riser Mount Like This

UTG Super Slim Riser Mounts are available in four different heights. They vary from 0.5 Inch to 1.0 Inch in additional height. We chose the MT-RSX5L model for 0.5 Inches and the MT-RSX7L riser which provides 0.75 Inches of additional height. That’s the MT-RSX7L riser mount in our photograph above.

Length5.5 Inches5.5 Inches5.5 Inches5.5 Inches5.5 Inches
Saddle Height0.50 Inch0.75 Inch0.83 Inch1.00 InchVaries
Picatinny Slots1313131313
Weight2.7 Oz2.7 Oz2.8 Oz2.8 Oz2.7 Oz
Droop AngleNoneNoneNoneNone20 MOA

These UTG riser mounts locate crisply onto the rifle’s Picatinny rail. They have square-shaped recoil stops cast into the underside of the mount. Three Torx-headed screws clamp the rail firmly into position. This riser is not going anywhere…

Got A Bullpup? You Probably Need A Riser Mount Like This

As with all Leapers UTG products, these riser mounts are supplied with the appropriate tool – in this case a Torx wrench – and a spare screw. That’s the half-Inch riser mount below.

Got A Bullpup? You Probably Need A Riser Mount Like This

We tried the lower riser mount with a FX Impact air rifle and Meopta ZD 4-16 x 44 RD riflescope, again using UTG Pro P.O.I. scope rings between scope and rail. Not heard about this high quality Meopta riflescope before? You will soon in HAM…

Got A Bullpup? You Probably Need A Riser Mount Like This

Even here, when using the sub-$20.00 UTG riser mount with a $2,000 air rifle and $1,200 scope, the riser mount looked good. The finish matched well with both rifle and scope. The result was very stable and secure. Great job Leapers!

UTG Super Slim Picatinny Riser Mounts are 5.5 Inches long and have 13 slots. They’re manufactured from aircraft grade Aluminum with a matt black hard coat anodized finish. Weight is just about 2 ounces.

There’s also a version with a 20 MOA compensation angle built-in. This could be just what the Doctor ordered for mounting your scope for ultra-long range shooting…

UTG Super Slim Picatinny Riser Mount, 0.75″ High
UTG Super Slim Riser Mount 0.75 Inches