HAM Exclusive! First Barra 1100z Performance Data

Just recently HAM announced the new 1100z PCP from Barra Airguns. Now we can share some exclusive first Barra 1100z performance data.

Many people are interested in this new PCP air rifle. At $275, it’s around half the price of a regular Benjamin Marauder yet also includes a sidelever cocking action. As sidelever actions are more expensive to manufacture than bolt actions and are usually easier to operate, that’s a big attraction for the 1100z!

The manufacturer’s specs are that the 1100z offers up to 35 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy in .22 caliber. However, with the adjustable hammer spring capability, there’s obviously opportunity for tuning – so long as you have a Chronograph, that is.

As with any PCP airgun, HAM would expect a higher Muzzle Energy with heavier pellets. Of course nothing’s for free, so we would anticipate that to be combined with a correspondingly lower shot count.

It’s rare for airgun manufacturers to share tunes and performance data, especially when the gun in question is so new. But that’s what Barra Airguns is doing with the exclusive Barra 1100z performance data presented here.

The 1100z is available in both .177 and .22 calibers. However the majority of interest and sales in PCP air rifles these days in in .22 caliber and larger.

That makes it particularly fortunate that the data shared here relates to the .22 caliber version.

First we should say that this is not HAM-generated performance data. It was supplied to us by Barra Airguns. However we have been assured that this is “real” test data. It certainly looks like genuine test results to the HAM team and we have no reason to doubt the Barra data.

In fact, Barra shared the original spreadsheets from three different tunes with us. HAM then drew-up the charts shown here in our normal style.

Remembering that the 1100z is not a regulated PCP, we would expect to see something of a curve to the shot curve! That’s what we have here, but these tunes supplied by Barra show that that curve is not so extreme as can sometimes be the case.

First off, it’s important to note that the Barra 1100z is supplied by the factory with the hammer spring adjustment screw set about 6 or 7 turns “in”. That’s in from flush with the end of the rear tube cap.

The first two tunes here have hammer spring tensions relatively close to that setting. In each case, the gun was filled to 3,000 PSI and shot down to 2,000 PSI. The comparison here is thus primarily between heavier and lighter pellets.

The chart below compares the results when shooting 21.2 Grain H&N Baracuda and 14.3 Grain Crosman Premier pellets.

Barra 1100z Performance Data

Here’s a summary of the Barra data:

Pellet WeightHammer Spring Turns InNumber Of ShotsAverage Muzzle VelocityExtreme Spread*Peak Muzzle EnergyAverage Muzzle EnergyTest Start/Stop Pressures
21.2 Grains821834 FPS33 FPS34.1 Ft/Lbs32.66 Ft/Lbs3,000 - 2,000 PSI
14.3 Grains631914 FPS72 FPS28.1 Ft/Lbs25.53 Ft/Lbs3,000 - 2,000 PSI

* For a discussion of the effect of Extreme Spread on accuracy, check out this HAM post on the topic from HAM Technical Editor Bob Sterne.

The third tune shows the potential for increasing the shot count, while accepting a lower power level.

In this case, the hammer spring screw was set to just one turn in from flush. This time the test was undertaken using 15.89 Grain JSB Exact pellets. Interestingly, the shot string started at just 1,900 PSI and ended at 1,000 PSI.

Now we see 41 shots at a slightly lower power range.

Here’s the chart:

Barra 1100z Performance Data

And here’s a summary of the data:

Pellet WeightHammer Spring Turns InNumber Of ShotsAverage Muzzle VelocityExtreme Spread*Peak Muzzle EnergyAverage Muzzle EnergyTest Start/Stop Pressures
15.89 Grains141762 FPS75 FPS22.3 Ft/Lbs21.31 Ft/Lbs1,900 - 1,000 PSI

Overall, this is great performance – especially at the price being asked for the 1100z!

Obviously there’s an infinite variety of tunes that could be attained using different pellet weights, hammer spring tensions and fill pressures. However it’s very interesting to see something of the potential that this new PCP air rifle can offer.

Thanks for the team at Barra Airguns for sharing this exclusive Barra 1100z performance data with HAM. Our guess is that this will be an air rifle that will interest many tuners and that this is just a glimpse of what can be attained in future.

Barra 1100z PCP Air Rifle