Hatsan Carnivore 135 Video Review From AEAC.

The latest video review from Steve Scialli at AEAC covers the Hatsan Carnivore 135. This is an unusual beast – a .30 caliber, break barrel air rifle!

Steve takes us through the performance of this Hatsan, showing that downrange energy is very strong – even though the muzzle velocity of this gun is less than 550 fps with most pellets.

For a hunting air rifle, the Hatsan Carnivore 135 scores by providing huge knockdown power at short ranges – 30 yards and under, recommends Steve.

So check out Steve’s video of the Hatsan Carnivore 135. It may change the way you think about air rifles…

Steve also tells HAM that that AEAC pushed through 10,000 subscribers to the AEAC YouTube Channel yesterday.

This means that AEAC has achieved its goal of going from 3,000 to 10,000 subscribed between Easter and Christmas 2016.  “During the same time period, we will have gone from 350,000 views to 1,300,000” says Steve. “To say I’m excited about the Channel’s trajectory would be a gross understatement.”

Great work Steve! Keep the videos coming…