HW95 Luxus Air Rifle Video Review By AEAC

The latest video from AEAC’s Steve Scialli features the Weihrauch HW95 Luxus.

We’re glad to see that Steve’s Florida range has dried out sufficiently for him to be able to shoot there again. He’d been rained-out for some time!

The HW95 is a traditional spring/piston breakbarrel air rifle from the german Weihrauch company. Steve’s reviewing it in .22 caliber. However the HW95 Luxus is available in .177 cal, .22 caliber and .25 cal. It’s also one of the few air rifles that is available nowadays in .20 caliber.

The “Luxus” designation indicates an upgraded specification in Weihrauch terminology. Compared to the regular HW95, the HW95 Luxus has an upgraded stock with checkering and a longer forend. The wood is beech, walnut-stained. There’s also a muzzle break installed at the barrel end as a replacement for the open sights of the regular model.

For just $40 more than the regular 95, the HW95 Luxus has to be great value – just so long as you don’t want to shoot with open sights.

Steve shoots the HW95 Luxus with both alloy and lead pellets out to 50 Yards.

He has good success with both H&N Field Target Trophy Green and GTA alloy pellets at that range – as you’ll see in the video. In fact, he has better luck with the alloys than with the lead H&N Sniper Magnum pellets he also tries.

You can see more in the video, of course…

The HW95 Luxus has a limited lifetime warranty. That support is provided in the USA by Airguns of Arizona. They also have the gun available for sale – together many other models from the Weihrauch stable.

HW95 Luxus Air Rifle