Introducing Hard Air Magazine HAM Awards for Air Pistols

Hard Air Magazine has been reviewing air pistols since May 2015. Now, we have started to make HAM Awards for air pistols!

HAM Awards have been given for air rifles for since early in the magazine’s life. They are the “Gold Standard” independent endorsement for air rifle quality, value and performance.

So why has it taken so long to start HAM Awards for air pistols? Well, it’s all down to having enough data…

In order to make valid comparisons between any type of product, it’s necessary to have enough data to compare. Now that we have 14 comprehensive, comparable air pistol reviews in HAM, that’s sufficient for us to analyze the test data and draw conclusions.

HAM Awards for air pistols take the percentage scores from HAM’s industry-leading test reviews and relate them to the price of the gun. Of course, you would expect more expensive air pistols to achieve higher score in HAM test reviews. That’s normally – but not always – true.

Most everyone wants to feel that the product they plan to purchase represents good value. Now HAM Awards for air pistols give you the information to do so.

For example, an air pistol that scores 75% in Hard Air Magazine testing would gain a Gold Award if it cost $50.00 or less. But even if a higher 85% score was achieved by another air pistol that cost $150.00 or more, it wouldn’t even gain a Bronze Award.

That’s how HAM Awards for air pistols work! You can see full details in the HAM Test Philosophy page, but this post gives the basics.

Here’s a list of the Gold HAM Awards for air pistols to date. Although all are Gold Award winners, the list is ordered by percentage score, with the highest-scoring first:

1 – SIG SAUER Max Michel 1911

SIG SAUER 1911 Max Michel BB Pistol Test Review

2 – Dan Wesson 715

Dan Wesson 715 6" BB Revolver Test Review

3 – Beretta Mod 84FS

Beretta Mod 84FS Blowback Pistol Test Review

4 – Legends M712

Legends M712 Full-Auto CO2 BB Pistol Review

5 – Walther PPQ

Walther PPQ Air Pistol Test Review

6 – Bear River Boa

Bear River Boa CO2 BB Pistol Test Review

For a full listing of HAM air pistol reviews, check out the HAM Review Center Page.

And remember that, unlike most other professional reviews you see on the Internet – including video reviews, Hard Air Magazine test reviews are never “bought”. They’re completely independent, structured reviews that you can rely on. Hard Air Magazine is supported by advertising, not by paid reviews.