Is This The Best BB Speed Loader Ever?

Let’s face it. In the airgun world, a BB speed loader is not exactly high on the list of exciting products. Unless yours doesn’t work that is!

That’s why the new “Gen 2” loader from Barra Airguns is important. Because this could be the best BB speed loader ever…

It’s probably fair to say that BB loaders are accepted and tolerated by their users as a necessary evil. They’re a cheap, semi-disposable product that seem to jam or break just  when you don’t want – that’s whenever you’re using one, of course.

Particularly if you’re using a BB gun that mandates the use of a loader – like the HAM Gold Award-winning Barra 400e airgun, for example – then that speed loader becomes a vital, yet weakest link of the shooting experience.

So perhaps it’s not so surprising that Barra Airguns have introduced a “Gen 2” version of their BB speed loader.

This is immediately differentiated from all other BB loaders by having a metal pushrod. That removes all issues surrounding the fragile-looking plastic pushrod that’s incorporated in other loaders.

Is This The Best BB Speed Loader Ever?

Barra also says that the internal design was changed to improve BB flow within the loader.

Without dismantling two Barra BB loaders – a Gen 1 and the Gen 2 – I could not see any difference myself. But what I can tell you is that, in a side-by-side test using the same BBs, I found the new Gen 2 model to feed more reliably. It also required less shaking to feed BBs.

Is This The Best BB Speed Loader Ever?

Barra Airguns says that latest deliveries of the 400e include this new, improved BB loader. Customers will be pleased!

In addition, the new model is available directly from the Barra Airguns website. If you use a BB loader, you probably need to buy one. Or two. At just $12.00 each, they’re not exactly expensive for a “best of breed” product that will most likely improve your BB loading experience and get you shooting more…

Gen 2 BB Speed Loader