Just Sit Back And Enjoy This Beautiful Video Of The FWB P11

Yes, the FWB P11 match pistol is not new. But this latest video from Airguns of Arizona is. And even if you’re not into precision target shooting, you’re sure to enjoy this beautiful video of a beautiful air pistol!

Just sit back, relax and enjoy…

Designed solely for 10 Meter target shooting, the FWB P11 offers a black-finished beech grip. It’s adjustable for cant (up to 10 degrees) and rotation (plus or minus 3 degrees).

You’ll see in this video that the trigger blade can be set to match the shooter’s requirements. There’s over 1 Inch of travel back and forwards for perfect finger positioning on the trigger.

AoA tells us that the trigger pull weight for the first stage is between 2.8 and 10.6 Ounces. Release weight is between 7.8 and 17.6 Ounces.

Of course, the FWB P 11 is powered by High Pressure Air. Fill pressure is 2,900 PSI (200 Bar). The HPA tank removes for filling, as the video shows.

This is a small, light air pistol for stable, consistent aiming. At 13.5 Inches long, the sight line length is 11.4 Inches. The weight is 25.75 Ounces.

As for pellets, only the best wadcutters will do! HAM suggests you consider the 8.44 Grain JSB Exact Premium Diabolo or 8.2 Grain RWS Match Plus pellets. We’ve tested both of these and they delivered outstanding consistency and precision. Just what you need for 10 Meter precision target competition.

Feinwerkbau P11 Target Pistol