Kraford And Lypt KLS-M Adjustable Buttplate

The Kraford And Lypt KLS-M Adjustable Buttplate is a versatile and effective product from the Seattle-based specialist airgun accessory manufacturer. In fact, it’s true rather to say the Krayford and Lypt produces a range of upgrades for selected airguns, rather than accessories.

K&L designs and manufactures all of their products in-house. The quality of their items I have examined is uniformly high. They’re well designed and beautifully-manufactured. In addition, they are the result of a genuine interest in airgun shooting by the K&L team.

Kraford And Lypt KLS-M Adjustable Buttplate


In this review, we’re looking at the Kraford And Lypt KLS-M Adjustable Buttplate. This is an upgrade that fits any Minelli stock that has a rubber buttpad, cant and elevation adjustment. That makes it suitable for a wide range of high-end PCPs that incorporate stocks from this well-known Italian manufacturer.

In these HAM photos, the red stock is a Daystate Red Wolf, the blue stock is a FX Crown.

K&L advertises that the KLS-M adjustable buttplate will fit the Daystate Red Wolf and FX Crown, among others. So, HAM Tester Doug Rogers tried it on his Crown. Our friend Frank owns a Daystate Delta Wolf. He agreed to give it an extended practical test.

Both the HAM testers loved buttplate!

The buttplate is machined from Aluminum and features rubber contact surfaces with small gripping pips. The buttplate is multi-adjustable, providing elevation, cant and cast adjustments. In addition, Frank’s testing found that these adjustments are solid – they stay in place for extended periods of use.

The three-part contact surface adjusts to fit the shooter’s individual physique. This obviously provides comfort benefits, while the rubber gripping surface holds the buttplate into contact with the shooter’s shoulder and minimize sliding.

Kraford And Lypt KLS-M Adjustable Buttplate

Frank compared shooting his Red Wolf with the factory buttplate and the KLS-M unit. He swapped from one to the other and back again.

His conclusion was that he shot better and more consistently using the KLS-M adjustable buttplate. The buttplate delivered improved accuracy downrange for him – and he has the targets to prove it!

At $169.95, this is not exactly a cheap accessory. However, the HAM team were all impressed with it, understanding the quality of design, manufacture and benefits. It’s definitely a worthwhile upgrade for anyone with a Daystate Red Wolf, Wolverine or FX Crown having an appropriate Minelli stock.

K&L upgrades are available direct from the manufacturer. You can find the KLS-M buttplate here.