Let’s Add A Bipod To A SIG AIR Virtus PCP Air Rifle

The SIG AIR Virtus PCP air rifle is covered with accessory rails and M-Lok slots. So I couldn’t resist adding a UTG bipod. The result looks great, as you can see above.

When installed, it provides a very firm platform for shooting the air rifle. The legs also fold back conveniently out of the way alongside the handguard when not in use.

SIG AIR Virtus PCP Air Rifle

Our friends at Leapers have an excellent two-part bipod with M-Lok fitting, so I decided to use that. This is the UTG Recon Flex Bipod, Leapers product code TL-BPDM01. You can find out more about it here.

The handguard of the SIG AIR Virtus has a ton of M-Lok mounting slots. I decided to fit the two-part bipod using slots in the sides. But it wasn’t quite as simple as I had imagined before starting the project!

The first plan was to fit the bipod to the SIG AIR Virtus without disassembly. But I was not able to do that. So, a little simple disassembly had to take place. The handguard had to come off…

SAFETY FIRST! As always, before undertaking any work on an airgun, be 100% sure that it’s on safe and not loaded. Remove the regulated HPA tank from the Virtus as a further precaution.

Step one is to unscrew the flash hider from the Virtus’ barrel. The handguard will not come off unless this is done first.

It looks very much as though any standard AR-type flash hider could be attached instead, but I didn’t try that.

Now, remove the three screws holding the handguard to the receiver. One is at the top, the other two on the underside of the gun.

To do this, you’ll need a 2.5 mm Allen wrench. The screws are M4 x 10 flathead setscrews – just in case you manage to loose one.

Once these screws are removed, the handguard pulls straight off.

Let's Add A Bipod To A SIG AIR Virtus PCP Air Rifle

Now I was able to hold the rear “T nut” of the M-Lok bipod mounts in place inside the handguard. I had not been able to do with the gun in one piece.

SIG AIR Virtus PCP Air Rifle

The only difficulty I found was how to hold the rear T nuts in position during assembly. The front ones were – just – within range of my fingers. But the rear ones were too far down the handguard to restrain by hand.

After a few moments thought, a solution presented itself. I simply used a tiny piece of duct seal – you could use Blu-Tac instead – to attach the T nut to the blade of a very long screwdriver. Then it was easy to hold the nut in place inside the handguard whilst tightening the screw from the outside.

Let's Add A Bipod To A SIG AIR Virtus PCP Air Rifle

Reassembly was – as they say – the reverse of removal. The handguard was re-positioned and screwed back into place. The flash hider was screwed on again. The result you already know!

Leapers has a range of UTG M-Lok accessories available. These include Picatinny rails, grips and bipods. I’ll be fitting some of these other M-Lok accessories to other airguns in the future.

Sig Sauer ASP MCX Virtus PCP Air Rifle 0.22