New Brocock Commander PCP Video Review

The latest video from Airguns of Arizona features Jared Clark reviewing the Brocock Commander PCP air rifle.

The Brocock Commander is a tactical-style air rifle from the British manufacturer. It features an AK47-style pistol grip and adjustable, foldable AR15-style buttstock.

The Lothar Walther barrel is fitted with a muzzle brake and shroud.

Jared mounts an MTC Optics 5 – 30X Tactical scope on the .22 caliber Brocock Commander and test fires it for both power and accuracy.

With H&N 21.14 Grain Baracuda Match pellets, the Brocock Commander PCP delivers 100 consistent shots per fill. That’s at an average of 802 FPS and a Muzzle Energy of 29.8 Ft/Lbs per shot.

The combination of this power level with the portability offered by the folding stock could make this a great gun for airgun hunting.

The High Pressure Air is provided by a 480 cc carbon fiber bottle. The great consistency comes from the Huma regulator built-in to the Brocock Commander.

Of course, .177 and .25 caliber versions are also available.

Take a look at the video for plenty of close-up detail shots and Jared’s accuracy testing.

Brocock Cammander HP