New Diana Outlaw PCP Air Rifle Video Review

This new Diana Outlaw PCP air rifle video review is from Airguns of Arizona. AoA is the US market warranty provider for the Outlaw and – together with Precision Airgun Distribution dealers – is the main sales outlet for this gun in the US. This means that Jared Clark’s review here can be considered as an “official” video review of the gun.

HAM tested the Diana Outlaw PCP air rifle recently in .22 caliber. We were impressed and awarded it a HAM Gold Award.

This AoA Diana Outlaw PCP air rifle video review also covers the .22 caliber model. We found best accuracy with 21.14 Grain H&N Baracuda Match pellets. Jared had best success with 15.89 Grain JSB Exact Jumbo Diabolo pellets.

This indicates that – like many PCP air rifles – the Diana Outlaw gives best accuracy with heavier, quality, domed lead pellets.

In this Diana Outlaw PCP air rifle video, Jared shows 40 consistent shots per fill. Actually, his shot count chart stopped there. It probably could have continued somewhat further. In HAM testing, we found closer to 50 consistent shots from this regulated PCP.

As you would expect, such differences in performance are relatively small. They reflect different performance characteristics from individual samples of “the same” gun.

Other variables include the different pellets used and different environmental circumstances for the test. (Pressure, temperature, humidity etc). And, don’t forget that individual chronys can also give different FPS readings. That’s why we standardize as many variables as possible for HAM test reviews, so that our test review results are comparable with each other!

For another Diana Outlaw PCP air rifle video, you can check out Steve Scialli’s YouTube review here. Although the precise performance numbers are slightly different in each case, you’ll see a similar pattern of performance. This is a very competent air rifle at the $500 price point.

Diana Outlaw PCP Air Rifle