New Huben K1 Video Review By Jared Of AoA

HAM has one of these exciting air rifles for testing. And we’ve already published our “first look”. But here’s a new Huben K1 video review by Jared at Airguns of Arizona.

Jared clearly enjoys himself in this video! Shooting the .22 caliber version, he empties the entire 19-shot magazine in just 3.9 seconds of semi-automatic fire. And with good accuracy, too. Wow!

The effect of the patented hammerless action is well shown in this Huben K1 video review. There’s really no recoil at all when the gun is fired.

This gun is very simple to look at and operate. But there’s a lot of potential for tuning by adjusting the regulator pressure and valve spring tension. This gives plenty of possible permutations for Muzzle Energy and shot count.

Obviously, increasing the power level reduces the number of shots. However, Jared’s Huben K1 video review still shows 90 consistent shots from a 250 bar (3,625 PSI) fill of High Pressure Air. That’s using 18.13 Grain JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy pellets.

HAM will be testing the Huben K1 with 25.39 Grain JSB Exact Jumbo Monster pellets in .22 caliber. We’ll also try some heavy 36 Grain slugs from Nielsen Specialty Ammo. That will be an interesting comparison!

Huben K1 Semi Auto PCP Air Rifle